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“8 Little Words Which Saved Business Profits” - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Amazingly, people constantly get blown away by the fact it can take just one or 2 possible minor changes to the words which you use, in any part of your life – to get a major change in your results. The sooner people get this idea super-glued into their brains . . . the better their advertising and marketing will be . . . and the more sales and profits they will enjoy for their business.

I was reading through ‘Long Lost Advertising Secrets’ when I came across a story worth quoting to you.

How a hotel stopped its guest’s practice of removing pictures from the walls of rooms – saving its profits. Continue reading

“3 Little Words Which Generated $$$ Millions in Sales” - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
When you know the formula like I do – which took just 3 words to generate millions of dollars in sales for one product – which is also the same formula which sells your products and or services – don’t you wish you could get your hands on it too. Continue reading

11 Tips to Help You Discover Your Headline’s Holy Grail

Your ‘Holy Grail’ when it comes to your sales message or your email subject line is your ability to get your message read.

Once you have discovered your holy grail, this becomes your hook for your headline which is simply a unique piece of your sales story which arouses burning curiosity and FORCES your reader to read your copy.

It is your slant, your uniqueness, which no-one else has. Continue reading

Discover What The D.E.A. Can Teach You About Marketing

Yes, you read it right. The Drug Enforcement Agency can teach you several aspects about marketing which can increase your sales overnight.

No, I am not on crack as I write this.

Recently, one lazy Sunday afternoon, I was lying on the couch watching the D.E.A. reality TV show. As the D.E.A. officers do their stakeouts and drug busts . . . to my amazement I witnessed first hand several critical marketing strategies being applied once the drug busts were made.

These same critical marketing strategies are the sames ones Continue reading

Spelling Sux: 5 Myths About Spelling Revealed

Too many people get their panties in a wad over their blog article, website copy, letters and emails being grammatically correct and without one spelling mistake.


This article will offend some people . . . it’s meant to.

Blatant typos can and should be avoided due to having tools such as a spell checker however, even this is not 100% fool proof. I must admit, I am guilty of not running the Spell checker and having sales copy and email copy with errors and I do not give a toss to be honest.

Author’s manuscripts some times go through 10 different proof readers Continue reading

Adding Words to a Picture - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Pictures can say a thousand words. When you add a caption to a picture or image . . . you change the perception each time you change the words. This new section of my blog will commence soon where I will take a picture and give you several captions where you will see for yourself, just how powerful creative writing is and why you need this skill too. Continue reading

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