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10 Year Word Study Tested 105,000 Sentences on 19 Million People - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Sell Your Sizzle Not Your Cow!

The best-looking product won’t sell itself;

The prettiest dotted line won’t sign itself, a check won’t sign itself and a credit card won’t give you it’s details . . . without the intelligent persuasion of somebody’s words – either verbal or written compelling the owner to do so, giving you a sale.

You have no doubt heard of the phrase ‘Don’t Sell the Steak – Sell the Sizzle’ however do you know this came about from a 10 year word study?

Back in 1937 Corporations throughout the country commissioned Elmer Wheeler to set up his “Word Laboratories” and find out winning sentences to sell their goods. Wheeler realized that it was the sales people in the stores who weren’t asking the right questions to their customers.

So he tried and tested 105,000 sentences on over 19,000,000 customers (such a feat would not be viable nowadays – even Donald Trump couldn’t afford it). Continue reading

Are You Fishing With The WRONG Bait? - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Yet another classic article from Long Lost Advertising Secrets.

A Lesson In Salesmanship At The Seashore.

Selling is like fishing.

You must bait your hook with the food your prospect likes, not what you like or assume they like.

After you read this story, you will understand. Continue reading

These 8 Bad Words Are Causing YOU Sales Suicide - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

You should NEVER use these 8 bad words in your website sales copy, blog posts, articles, emails and any letters . . . unless on the rare occasion when you have no other choice as I have explained.


Because these bad words are costing you sales – hence ‘Sales Suicide’!

With each word, I have given you examples and alternative uses with the correct word. Continue reading

The Great Headline Ingredient

Let’s face it, when you bake a cake and if you leave out the key ingredient, it’s going to taste like crap when you eat it! If you leave out the key ingredients in your sales message, it’s going to be crap as well. When the headline of YOUR advertisement or Sales Message is poor, the best copywriter in the world can’t write copy to sell you products or services. Continue reading

“3 Little Words Which Generated $$$ Millions in Sales” - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more
When you know the formula like I do – which took just 3 words to generate millions of dollars in sales for one product – which is also the same formula which sells your products and or services – don’t you wish you could get your hands on it too. Continue reading

Will The Real Pink Bunny Please Stand Up?

Will the real Pink Bunny please stand up . . . Pink Bunny Battery V Pink Bunny Battery!

I am sure you know which battery company has the pink bunny right?

Go on . . . which one is it?

When I ask audiences all over the world this question, I always get several answers. Sure, they know the little pink bunny which keeps on going on however at least 50% of them pick the wrong battery which means Continue reading

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