Trevor Crook’s ‘Blunt and Brutal Honesty’ Upsets Many However Enriches Smart People Who Listen:

Trevor Crook is available – schedule permitting for: Copywriting, Seminars, Speaking Engagements, Business Consulting and Mentoring.

Trevor Crook is not easy to do business with – especially when he toe cracks his clients in their butt when needed – however this is done to get results FAST – not make friends.

Keeping an exhaustive schedule of writing sales messages which sell products and services all over the world, in all forms of media including online and off-line marketing, consulting, speaking, product creation and having just added his own blog talk radio show, Trevor Crook rarely has time to accept incoming calls.

New clients are generally required to submit information via email before any appointments are scheduled and he does not suffer time vampires, people who suck the life out of your time and waste your productivity.

Most people are too scared to ‘fire a client’ – Trevor Crook is not! He has done so on numerous occasions. He does not sugar coat anything for anyone, instead warning clients to brace themselves for a ‘toe cracking’ blast of brutal honesty delivered with all the force of a sledgehammer smashing a pea . . . straight between their eyes.

All fees are upon application and vary due to the scope of the project.

Copywriting Services:

Adverts for: Newspapers, Yellow Pages, Magazines and Pay Per Click.
Fliers, Brochures, one page letters, 3 step marketing letters, broadcast faxes, press releases and website sales copy.

Critiques of YOUR Sales Material:

A critique of your sales material will point out exactly what it right and wrong with your sales material and how you can fix it to ignite your leads, sales and profits.

When you consider one, 20 minute conversation and a critique increased sales $2.159 million for one client, a headline tweak increased sales from $20,000 to $76,400 in 1 week and a 3 minute conversation doubled sales in one week for another . . . it’s an investment for you.

Consulting and Mentoring:

As a direct response marketing consultant, Trevor will point things out to you which are more obvious than a nosebleed on a white tissue.

When you have ever wanted to get handed to you on a silver platter, spoon fed to you and ready to use . . . incredibly powerful strategies for magically attracting lots of new customers or clients, sell more & more often to current customers, one way or another create a flood of money rushing towards your door from each and every dollar you spend on advertising & marketing . . . which only a stubborn fool would ignore.

You will get a proven and tested arsenal of Amazingly Powerful Advertising, Marketing, Direct Marketing, Customer/Client Attraction & Persuasion Strategies when you invest in Trevor’s services.


All fees are price on application. Once you email Trevor, he will work out what you need and provide you with a fee proposal.

Use the ‘contact me’ page or simply send a detailed email of your requirements to:


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