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John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 . . . So What Who Bloody Cares!

John Reese - so what . . . who bloody cares!

Yes, you read it correctly.

Fair dinkum, if I see one more email from another ‘guru wanker’ about John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 . . . I am going to puke.

As far as Reese is concerned, all I want to say to you is so what, who bloody cares.

It’s been a hectic week for me, I have crashed several servers so far – due to so much traffic and yet I will never reveal how.

Now before you think I am bagging the crap of John Reese’s Traffic Secrets 2.0 . . . I am not and a wise person investigates what fools take for granted, so stay with me. Continue reading

Outwit, Outsmart, Out-Word Your Competition . . . We Need to Talk

We need to talk – for free. There are 100 x 20 minute, one on one mentoring session with me for FREE. Value: $500.

More about this in a minute.

It seems my last message rattled a few cages and I am glad to know you are an action taker and still here.

A few people still seemed confused about some aspects of what they received, especially about what a mini makeover of their website really involves.

Yes, I do want to give your copy a makeover so you too can get better results and I am prepared to do so at 90% off.

Outwit, Outsmart, Out-Word

You may not realize the fact you are playing your own game of survivor where you must outwit, outsmart and out-word your competition to succeed. Continue reading

What Got Me Started Is Now Yours for FREE – Value $4997

What Got Me Started Is Now Yours for Free and yes there’s one small catch.

You may already know how I got started as a copywriter, in case you don’t, hang with me for a few minutes as I explain, as this could really change your life. Continue reading

Announcing: ToeCracker Radio Starts Wednesday

Each week you will discover how to choose then use the magic words which sell your products and service s using persuasive writing and ignite your Continue reading

Adding Words to a Picture - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Pictures can say a thousand words. When you add a caption to a picture or image . . . you change the perception each time you change the words. This new section of my blog will commence soon where I will take a picture and give you several captions where you will see for yourself, just how powerful creative writing is and why you need this skill too. Continue reading

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