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3 Basic Buying Motives . . . the XYZ Formula

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The HEART is closer to your customer’s pocketbook (their purse, wallet, cash and or credit card) than is his or her  BRAIN!

YOUR ‘Selling Words’ are mightier than YOUR price tag.

Basically we are all alike and respond to the same buying urges, and the same emotions which sold customers from when the caveman first grunted . . . still sell today.

It doesn’t take much persuasion to sell a person when you direct your Tested Selling Sentences’ at their basic buying motives, which are, Continue reading

Don’t Write . . . Telegraph!

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Your First 10 Words Are More IMPORTANT Than YOUR Next 10,000 Words!

If you are old enough to remember ever sending a telegram, where you paid for every single letter/character and  you had to telegraph your message in a such a succinct way to not only get your message understood, you also wanted to keep your costs down.

You had no room for waffle or fluff. You had to get to the point – fast! Continue reading

“8 Little Words Which Saved Business Profits”

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Amazingly, people constantly get blown away by the fact it can take just one or 2 possible minor changes to the words which you use, in any part of your life – to get a major change in your results. The sooner people get this idea super-glued into their brains . . . the better their advertising and marketing will be . . . and the more sales and profits they will enjoy for their business.

I was reading through ‘Long Lost Advertising Secrets’ when I came across a story worth quoting to you.

How a hotel stopped its guest’s practice of removing pictures from the walls of rooms – saving its profits. Continue reading

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