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Who Are YOU . . . Who Who . . . Who Who?

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On Sunday night I was enjoying a few icy cold pints of beer (okay, well more than a few) during the Superbowl and being the old rocker that I am . . . I was looking forward to seeing the half time show which featured ‘The Who‘.

The last time I saw ‘The Who‘, was live as a VIP in Vegas in November 2006. Being backstage at their concert was a blast to say the least and the memories of that night will remain with me forever.

Back to the Superbowl . . . one song stuck in my mind because it relates to you . . . yes YOU!

“Who are you, who, who – who, who . . . Who are you, who, who – who, who . . . I really wanna know, go on, tell me, who are you.”

Those words are part of their hit song, ‘Who are You’ and in reality, I don’t have a clue who you are even though you Continue reading

Bikini Models, 2 Left Feet and My Banana Hammock

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Here’s a part one of two true stories from last night.

Each one has a different marketing lesson for you to benefit from.


On Monday night I went out with my friend, an exotic, lovely lady with Columbian heritage, who I will call Carla. She is a smart businesswoman and also owns her own range of Brazilian cut bikinis.

Over dinner she invited me to attend a bikini fashion show which was on Thursday night as her bikini range was part of the show. Of course I said yes. After all, what red blooded male wouldn’t want to see 7 hot models strut their stuff in about 100 bikinis.

Even though it was suggested to attend in beach wear, I figured the hot babes in the club a well as the models would go into a sexual frenzy at the sight of the ToeCracker wearing his very own ‘brazilian cut’ banana hammock. Continue reading

Cheech and Chong’s Headline Writing Tips

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This is blunt so you have been told.

Back in March of this year, I spoke at the Canada Marketing Summit. During my presentation, I asked attendees to stand up if they actually wrote more than 10 headlines when creating sales copy.

One lone man stood up out of approx. 100 people in the room. He said he did a max. of 20 headlines which is still way too few and costing him sales.

No surprise for me.

Seriously, you would have thought I asked people to stand up if they had a Venereal Disease – such is the blatant lack of Continue reading

Domain Pimp Makes a Fortune Buying and Selling Domains

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Yes, you read the subject line correctly.

This is so powerful, it not just leaves SEO for dead, it makes it obsolete and youcan discover why for free.

A few months ago, I was sitting having Sushi with my good mate, Randy Charach when he started discussing how he’s quietly been making a king’s ransom by buying and selling domain names. Continue reading

20 Ancient Quotes From Before Christ to A.D. – The Original ‘Secret’?

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Long before Christ, the Roman Emperors, Greek Philosophers, Confucius, Buddha. From Plato to Archimedes and many other people, whose vision was so insightful, their famous words have not only helped craft the world as you and I know it . . . many of these ancient quotes are still used today, with some adaptations by people to create millionaires and billionaires.

Read All 20 Ancient Quotes – How Many Do YOU Recognize? Continue reading

10 Year Word Study Tested 105,000 Sentences on 19 Million People

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Sell Your Sizzle Not Your Cow!

The best-looking product won’t sell itself;

The prettiest dotted line won’t sign itself, a check won’t sign itself and a credit card won’t give you it’s details . . . without the intelligent persuasion of somebody’s words – either verbal or written compelling the owner to do so, giving you a sale.

You have no doubt heard of the phrase ‘Don’t Sell the Steak – Sell the Sizzle’ however do you know this came about from a 10 year word study?

Back in 1937 Corporations throughout the country commissioned Elmer Wheeler to set up his “Word Laboratories” and find out winning sentences to sell their goods. Wheeler realized that it was the sales people in the stores who weren’t asking the right questions to their customers.

So he tried and tested 105,000 sentences on over 19,000,000 customers (such a feat would not be viable nowadays – even Donald Trump couldn’t afford it). Continue reading

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