“Ed ‘Tubby Nerd’ Dale Starts His Totally FREE . . . Thirty Day Challenge”

Bloody Ed Dale is at it again and this time he’s more serious about your success than ever.

Yep, it’s time for his thirty day challenge – as part of the underachievers system. Ed is a mate of mine and I have loads of respect for him and what he does. I offered to help all of the members who take part in the thirty day challenge with FREE copywriting tips etc. and I really do think you would be insane not to register and take part in this years thirty day challenge which is going to cost you zero, zilch!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. This is the real deal!

It’s time – tomorrow pre-season begins and it’s like nothing you
have ever seen before.

This thirty day challenge is going to be VERY different

Very Web 2.0

(Real Web 2.0 – not the weak stuff I’ve seen around)

I start to explain how in this video

I created the thirty day challenge in 2005, after I sold my 38 web
sites for five million dollars (which was very cool for me).
Running a business on the Internet is simply the best business to
be in but unfortunately there was so much hype and false promises
from people teaching all sorts of dubious strategies which I knew
from experience (and making a lot of mistakes) did not work.

The other thing that really upset me was all these people
saying that they were making tens of thousands of dollars a
month online. Sure you can do it – but it takes a lot of work. It
was so sad…

People had there hopes raised high only to have
then dashed a month or so later when they had not made there “tens
of thousands of dollars” – what a waste of enthusiasm  – you see I
knew that if people made just a dollar online – that was the
crucial thing. That was something you could build on…

I was angry but what could I do about it….

Just after I sold my sites in May of 2005 I was in New York and I
found this intriguing book at the Barnes and Nobel on Union Square.
It was all about a group of people who every November sat down and
tried to write a novel in thirty days. How cool was that  (and
scary – the rules were that the novel had to be 50,000 words, that’s
1667 words a day for those calculator types!)!

Then it hit me….

What if I ran a totally free – zero hype – internet course teaching
people everything I know about Internet Marketing. The goal of the
thirty days – make a single damn dollar with their own product
(excuse my french!). I would get people into teams and we would
support each other through thirty days. It was crazy but it just
might work.

So in July of 2005, 927 hardy souls started out on the Thirty Day
Challenge, and at the end of thirty days – 27 people had made there
dollar (a further 112 made it in the 60 days after it). What a ride
it was and some of those thirty day challenge newbies have gone on
to be some of the best Internet marketers on the planet!

The challenge was even bigger in 2006, and now in 2007 we will have
our biggest and best challenge yet and of course it’s totally free
and their are no hidden catches.

In fact there are a few ground rules

* Totally Free – you don’t need a single dollar to participate

* No Pitching, No Selling – When we first started out – people
thought that there was some catch – they kept waiting to be sold
something – they never were.

*No computer experience necessary – seriously. Every part of the
thirty day challenge is video based so you can watch along and see
exactly how to do each step.

*Hype Free – This is all about a very clever process – it’s all
about the training – That’s what we want you to concentrate on.

In fact, I know a lot of people who use the thirty day challenge to
introduce spouses, friends and relatives to Internet Marketing.

Check out the video (Oh and could you do us a favor and rate it -
just click on the stars

( A note to experienced marketers – there are two reasons you may
want to join this years challenge. First up this years strategy is
totally different to anything that is being marketed out there and
two – why not mentor a team. As Steven Covey said – the best way to
learn something is to teach!)

If you have not registered and remember pre-season starts tomorrow
you can register at

Speak to you tomorrow


PS Yes, I am using youtube very deliberately – see if you can pick
what I am doing differently to all the other youtube marketers out


Ed Dale
Marillion Partnership

“Can YOU Handle The Truth About Internet Marketing?”

This is going to upset some people – you might will not like what I have to say. The truth is I do care about your success and if that means offending you in the process, so be it. It’s nothing personal. This will be worth the read though because to put my money where my opinion is – I am prepared to give you for FREE . . . a turn-key business worth $4,997 – to prove it and you can sell the product for $997 and keep 100% of your profits. NEVER pay me one single penny in royalties!

And it’s not just an Internet Business!

So brace yourself, swallow your opinion, leave your ego at the door and just bloody well read this and absorb what I am about to tell you . . . as I really get something off my chest, something that’s been annoying me more than a festering boil on my left butt cheek.

Everyday some new found internet guru F.I.G.J.A.M. snake oil selling scumbag floods my inbox and who knows, probably yours – with their ‘magic pill’ which guarantees you will be making $10,000 in the time it takes you to take a pee. Yep, they have the screen shots for ‘proof’ and have testimonials from other guru’s who would who also go to the opening of an envelope as long as they could put their name on it. Credibility overload – NOT!

Yes, there are many genuine people who are making serious money, that have genuine proof and credible testimonials and I am not talking about them at all.

I have told you as well as my entire list that Internet marketing is just one tool in the entrepreneurial bucket of success and to use the tools on offer for you to maximize your results. One continuing problem is you are forever being told that you don’t have to get off your butt to make money and that’s a magic pill that’s designed for gullible people to swallow so easily you don’t even need water to wash it down.

Fair dinkum – that’s pure fantasy . . . utter B.S. and the F.I.G.J.A.M people know it. The problem is, with sizzling copy which starts off with a persuasive headline to hook you in . . . it can be hard to resist ripping your credit card out of your pocket and grabbing one for yourself. It’s amazing what can be done with brilliant copy.

Okay . . . I am awake now, drinking my 5th cup of coffee and I have started to relax enough to get off of my soap box.

What you may not know about me is this. Before I started doing internet marketing I was doing direct mail ( mail order) and off-line marketing selling a business marketing tool kit to business owners for $997 based on the what I have discovered from my mentors about the power of direct mail.

I didn’t always agreed with what I was reading or listening to . . . however I was said to myself – who the heck am I do to disagree. When I invested $25,000 in my buying resale rights to Dan Kennedy’s products I paid for it with my AMEX card – knowing I would have to pay that back when the next statement was due.

Recently, I had the good fortune of having the godfather of direct mail and copywriting, Ted Nicholas treat myself Peter Woodhead and the 12 attendees at the copywriting workshop in the UK. Now, for those 12 lucky people as well as for myself and Peter having a true legend on tap for close to 4 days was and always will be priceless. I received quite a few emails from people after the workshop who said they will be at the next one as they couldn’t get the the first one.

My reply was simple. You will never get to go to a second one like that because it was a one off. Ted Nicholas did the copywriting workshop UK as a one off special favor and they would have to wait until the DVD’s are available.

The thing about Ted is this, he is still doing direct mail and making mega millions in the process and there isn’t one internet marketing guru – regardless of who you can name who could even come close to lacing Ted’s boots. It’s Ted Nicholas first and daylight not even second.

The things Ted revealed about direct mail and just how powerful direct mail is, the much higher conversions to sales etc. made me chuckle as well as confirming what I already knew and had been trying to get you to understand . . .

“YOU can and will make more money with direct mail than online marketing!”

Yes, you read that right. Now if your copy sucks you won’t make too much money whether you do online or offline marketing.

Also, many of the top online marketing make their fortunes using offline, direct mail marketing strategies to drive traffiic to their websites. They just don’t divulge this to you because they do not want you to know about it.

How to Get YOUR Own Direct Mail Business Including A Website Valued at $4,997 for FREE

I want you to be one of the 6 people who will get full reprint rights to my Magic Words Sell Home Study Course which up until now has not been available other than a download version. The home study course has so much more value. The gold package sells for $697 and the Platinum package sells for $997. Production costs are approx. $50.

You will get to sell and keep all of the profits:

10 x 1 hour copywriting Blueprint CD Roms
5 x 1 hour CD’s from my Judgment Day Direct Mail Seminar
5 x 1 hour DVD’s from my Judgment day seminar

PLUS many other genuine bonuses.

I need to point out that Judgment day package alone sells for $997 without the 10 hours of my copywriting blueprint CD’s and most of the testimonials I have are a direct result of these products.

You will get:

The website sales copy
The FREE report for offline marketing as well as 3 step letter sequence
Lead Generation Adverts for offline advertising
You will have the rights to use my testimonials as proof.
Telephone script and other proven tools to ensure your success.

Generally, these types of reprint rights sell for 10 times the product selling price which means it should be $9,997.
Here you can be one of the 10 people who get it for FREE. Yes there is a string attached.

YOUR Copywriting Navy Seal Mastermind Invitation:

I have a copywriting mastermind group which has been by invitation only. When I set this up – it was to be for a max. of 25 people only as there’s no way I can handle anymore people. I have 10 places left and then it’s closed off. I am now extending my invitation to you.
Yes, there is an investment. Below is a copy of what has been sent to the other mastermind members, including a very special offer in the PS.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

As you are aware . . . I have been planning to take you to the next level as far as becoming a copywriter goes. Being a copywriting protege of mine is one thing, becoming a copywriting navy seal is another.Just like a pro athlete continues to train and have coaches and mentors, you are no different – if you want to get really good that is.

I don’t care if you just want to crank out sizzling copy for yourself or if you want to get paid copy projects too.The cold hard truth is this.If you stop your learning, if you stop fine tuning your craft, you have completely wasted your time, effort and cash by attending in the first place. Remember – I am still learning and will NEVER stop!If you are thinking you know it all right now . . . that’s a dangerous assumption to be making.I have witnessed many people who are wrongly assume they are armed and dangerous – only to discover they didn’t have enough fire power to blow their own nose.

My Copywriting Mastermind group will not just make you good – it will make you great as long as you listen, learn, implement and take action.

Understand this.

YOU will be part of an insider’s group as these levels will not be open to just any Tom, Dick, Harry or Harriett and I will limit the number to a group that I know I can teach properly. No exceptions. No excuses.



Group Mentoring teleseminar either via skype. These will be 60 minutes (They normally last much longer) where we will discuss pressing copywriting and marketing techniques as well as brainstorming to help each other be as successful as possible for our own businesses.


One Private, One on One, 30 minute mentoring session with me, via skype valued $500 each. These can also be used to critique copy you have written.

Unlimited email support valued at $200 per month. Now, don’t think you can be lazy and send me some long winded email that requires too much of my time. This is designed to give you a quick answer to something you need clarified or to ensure you are on the right track. I am your mentor. I will not be doing it all for you.

NOTE: I do not see the need to hold live meeting 3 times per year for 2 days. To do this requires alot of expense for you and I as well as you needing to fly to the location and pay for hotels etc.With the Internet anything we need can be done via email, skype or talking on the phone.
Okay, so you are thinking this is gunna cost you an arm, a leg and your left kidney as well – just to belong.

You are right!
Just kidding. It’s just $299.97 per month. Go to:

This should be a no brainer so I am not doing an expiry dates etc. What I will say is this, I might change my mind if you procrastinate for more than 24 hours and put the price up to $399.97.I look forward to you becoming a copywriting Navy Seal.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook.

PS. Do it now. The sooner you do the sooner we get started.

When you pre-pay 12 months in advance you will only pay USD $2,497 (around GBP 1,237) and save $1,102.64.

. . . as an extra bonus, you will get 100%Reprint Rights with all of the sales copy written for you to my ‘Magic Words Sell’ Home Study Course as detailed already. A genuine value of $4,997. Just 3 sales and you have your entire investment in Trevor Crook’s Copywriting Mastermind recouped.

HURRY! This is only for the first 10 people who take this option.

To take advantage of this option – simply send funds via paypal to:

Either GBP $1,237 or USD $2,497 to and copy this into the details:

“Yes Trevor, I want to take advantage of your special 12 month copywriting mastermind group where I save $1,102.64 and get absolutely FREE . . . reprint rights to your Magic Words Sell Home Study Course. I’d be nuts to miss out!”

PPPS.Here’s what Ted Nicholas Has to Say About Me:

“Recently I had the delightful experience of doing a seminar with Trevor Crook, an extremely capable copywriter and speaker. I particularly like how Trevor went way above and beyond in truly helping each and every attendee become a vastly better, more effective copywriter.

He truly cares about helping his students dramatically improve their copywriting skills. If you get a chance to go to his seminar don’t pass up the opportunity!”

P.S. While often asked I rarely provide testimonials (I’m tough on copywriters) but for you, Trevor, I’m happy to make an exception.
Ted Nicholas

It Takes 2 – More Persuasive, Sizzling Headlines – Part 2

In my last ‘It takes 2′ on persuasive headlines I mentioned how just by testing, people have increased their results by 1700% or more and in the PS. I will give you the link to my you tube video which provides you with the proof.

When headlines are so critical to your success, I want to give you an idea on what can be done with an existing headline after creating more persuasive and sizzling headlines to get more prospects and visitors reading your sales letters and sales copy.

I have a client, DR. Vince who wanted me to simply create persuasive headlines for him to test on his caveman cuisine section of his website. My pick of the headlines is one taken from a public domain book and it’s only 4 words. I have saved until last. No peaking now.

Here’s what his existing headline said:

“No More Diets”


Stop the Confusion!
Eat all you want and Lose Weight following the Lost Secrets of the Caveman

After reading his website copy, here’s what I came up with for Dr. Vince to test. I also said for him to play with what I have written too.

“Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting”

“Stops Diets – Lose Weight”

“How To Look Good Naked”

“How To Look Good Naked Without Dieting Ever Again”

“How To Look Good Naked – NEVER Diet Again”

“How To Look Good Naked – Eating As Much As YOU Want To – Never Diet Again”

“Puts Weight Loss On Auto-Pilot While YOU Eat As Much As YOU Want Without Being On A Diet”

“Puts Weight Loss On Auto-Pilot”

“Puts Weight Loss On Auto-Pilot Without Dieting”

“Puts Weight Loss On Auto-Pilot Without YOU Dieting Ever Again”

“Puts Dieting On Hold While YOU Lose Weight”

“Puts Dieting On Hold While YOU Lose Weight – Never Diet Again”

“Diet Free Weight Loss Secrets”

“Makes Weight Loss Easy”

“Makes Weight Loss Easy Without Dieting”

“How To Lose Weight, Eat As Much As YOU Want . . . Without Being On A Diet”

“At Last . . . The Lazy Way To Weight Loss Success”

“The Lazy Way To Weight Loss Success”

“The Lazy Man’s Way To Weight Loss Success”

“The Lazy Woman’s Way To Weight Loss Success”

“They All Laughed When I Started on Dr. Vince’s Controversial Caveman Cuisine . . . Until I Lost So Much Weight My Friends Didn’t Recognize Me”

“They All Laughed When I Started on Dr. Vince’s Caveman Cuisine . . . Until I Lost So Much Weight My Friends Didn’t Recognize Me”

“They All Laughed When I Started on Dr. Vince’s Controversial Caveman Cuisine . . . Until I Lost So Much Weight Eating As Much As I Wanted – Without Going On A Diet”

“They All Laughed When I Started on Dr. Vince’s Caveman Cuisine . . . Until I Lost So Much Weight Eating As Much As I Wanted – Without Going On A Diet”

“How To Eat More, Lose Weight, Stop Dieting And Feel Great”

“How To Eat More, Lose Weight, Stop Dieting Look Good Naked And Feel Great”

“Women’s Weight Loss Secrets Without A Diet Revealed”

“Men’s Weight Loss Secrets Without A Diet Revealed”

“Diet FREE Weight Loss Secrets Revealed”

“Long Lost Caveman Cuisine Makes YOU Lose Weight Without Dieting”

“YOU Too Can Lose Weight, Leave YOUR Love Handles Behind, Say Goodbye To YOUR Blubber Bundles . . . Eat As Much As YOU Want Without A Diet”


Stops the Confusion!

Eat all you want and Lose Weight following the Long Lost Secrets of the Caveman

Notice, I only added one single letter to the first word of his subhead. I added and ‘S’ to Stop which when it reads Stops it implies the benefit is already done for you. With the headlines written, DR. Vince can use some of these as a subhead.

Here’s my favorite headline:

“Eat and Grow Thin”

Does that remind you of the famous book title by Napoleon Hill - “Think and Grow Rich”?

Read them, see how I have added words here and there, combined headlines etc. This is exactly why you need to be writing 50 plus headlines because YOU will create a gem of a headline, maybe several, that are so powerful, persuasive and sizzling mixed with the right balance of curiosity that explodes your sales and profits. Can you take these headlines and model them for your product or services?

YES you can.

When you are ready to create persuasive and sizzling headlines as well as your sale copy, then you need my copywriting blueprint formula. Go to:

“Dedicated to Kicking YOUR Ass Until YOU Succeed!”


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

PS. To see my the actual persuasive headline that increase response by a whopping 1700% – go to:

PPS. To check out Dr. Vince’s caveman cuisine – go to his site and click on the Caveman Club link. I recommend you subscribe to his newsletters too.

“Discover Why Ignorance Is Costing YOU Sales”

This is a reposted blog from January 2006 due to spam issues.

I increased a customers conversion rate by a mammoth 533% in less than 24 hours and I will get to that soon. Firstly you need to know how ignorance is costing you leads, sales, profits and repeat business.

When it comes to advertising and marketing for your business, DO NOT let your own ignorance cost you all of the above. I am going to tell you some cold hard facts which are harsh, brutal and 100% TRUE! They may apply to you. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

98.7% of business owners and entrepreneurs suffer from H.U.A. disease (Head Up Ass) when it comes to advertising and marketing of their business, choosing to allow their own beliefs and opinions as to what their customers want instead of bothering to find out what they actually want, desire and need . . . by testing and measuring, asking questions, then more questions until they get the right answers.

It’s all too easy to assume you know what your prospects and customers want and this is just plain DUMB!


Because you are not your customer!! The problem is, we as humans have a habit of going off ‘half right’ and not bothering to find out about the other half. I hear too often the ‘joke’ about only 50% of advertising works – if only we knew which half.

Well, it ain’t no laughing matter, unless you are a vulture from a high falutin’ advertising agency . . . who get their customers to do an ‘all you can eat’ advertising campaign, using so many smokes and mirrors that although something will work, they don’t even know which one (they don’t give a toss either) and their victims, who have forked out a fortune for the campaign, don’t really mind because these vultures have been stroking their egos about building a brand, an image and the importance of their frilly, fancy, cutesy logos and other such non-compelling foolishness.

When you do, your advertising and marketing, you have to get inside your prospects minds and find out exactly what they want. The testing and measuring process, will allow you to do this and give you maximum sales at the same time.

One of my customers . . .

I was hired to create a complete marketing system and my customer (who I will call ‘ Billy Bob’) decided that he wanted to mess with one part of it . . . a crucial part to be exact. We had words and in the end ‘Billy Bob’ decided he knew best.

I let him go and do his own thing and waited for the call to say he wasn’t happy with his results. It didn’t take long for ‘Billy Bob’ to start bleating like a stuck pig and as predicted, blamed my sales letter as the reason for not getting enough sales
. . . wanting me to make wholesale changes. I reminded ‘Billy Bob’ that he had chosen to ignore my advice and to let me take a look at everything to see if I could pinpoint the problem.

I did this and spoke to ‘Billy Bob’ and told him that I found the problem. It was his ‘creative marketing’ that was to blame. He didn’t like what he was being told, but I didn’t care (He didn’t pay me to be nice, he paid me to get him results) and I proceeded to give him both ‘barrels of my advertising gun’ leaving him in no doubt as to what needed to be done and more importantly, why testing and measuring is so important to his success.

I then did a split test of ‘Billy Bob’s’ marketing campaign which allowed me to put my theories up against his. This wasn’t done to say ‘I told you so’. It was done to find out exactly what it is his prospects responded to.

The Results?

Within 24 hours, Billy Bob’s conversion rate increased 533%. Now, if this was your business, you would no doubt be tempted to stop there, be happy with your new success and do no more testing and measuring. Don’t make this mistake. Even though ‘Billy Bob’ has got a great result now, there is always room for improvement.

What will happen now is . . . I will play that little game called ‘beat the control’ and try and get an even higher conversion rate by doing more testing and measuring, doing only ONE change at a time. WHY only one change? Because if I make more than one change and the results increase or decrease, I will not know which one it was that worked or failed.

“Dedicated To Kicking YOUR Ass Until YOU Succeed”

Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I have a list as long as your arm about how my customers have made a minor changeor two to their advertising and marketing which has ignited their sales and explode their profits. Do yourself a favor, blow the cobwebs off your credit card and join them too – before your competitors make even more money from your mistakes.

“It Takes 2 – Sales Letter Makeover Doubles Sale Price”

In my last blog I mentioned how I tweaked a sale letter for a customer. It was basically a sales letter makeover where all areas of the letter were tweaked and the copy improved to make it sizzle from start to finish. To start with, I had my customer complete my copywriting questionnaire so that I could build a profile in my mind as well as get an idea as to how much my customer really new about her ideal prospects and customers.

I then read the e-books from start to finish to ensure every last gold nugget was extracted, including the bonuses. What happens so many times, particularly with e-book type products or where someone hasn’t created the product themselves – they do not bother to do read, watch and or listen to that product and this is a 100% guaranteed way to leave money on your table.

Once I had done this, I spend time looking at what the offer was going to be and I decided that the main bonus was actually the product, it could and would sell all by itself and my gut instinct was telling me people would respond accordingly.

I then reworked all of the bullet points and strengthened them using the exact same formula I laid out in bite sized chunks on my copywriting blueprint as part of my Magic Words Sell package.

The wording on the guarantee was made stronger, I added in a take-away close, restricted the numbers etc. to create urgency, changed the whole layout as the old layout done by my customers was one of the ugliest websites I ever seen and I told my customer that too. In saying that – the old, ugly site still got good sales at the old price of $37-97.

Once I had finished, the new sale price was $77 and it was time to test it. I sent the letter to my customer who quite literally didn’t recognize her own product. There were many other things that were suggested and discussed with my customer about back end products, mining sales out oh the database in a few ways being the people who have never purchased as well as up selling existing customers with the new package.

The results?

Conversions are around the same yet the sale price has doubled. Not a bad start. Now when My customers works on getting more traffic to her website . . . the compounding factor of profit increases will be huge.

When I have done a camtasia video before and after and it’s live on you tube I will let you know.

Can you see now how by making 1-2% improvements to YOUR sales copy or your google adwords PPC’s etc, in fact in all areas . . . imagine what that can do for your sales and profits. Get your own copywriting blueprint. Go to:

Dedicated To Kicking YOUR Ass Until YOU Succeed!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. You can view 5 videos on you tube that will help you too and even if you’ve watched them before – watch them again as you will pick up more gold nuggets After you watch this one – “3 Sizzling Headlines Increase Response by 1700%”, click the link ‘More from this user’ for the other 4. Go to:

“It Takes 2 – Crafting Your Offer For Maximum Profits”

A few days ago, I posted the first article in my series on “Winner Do What Losers Are NOT Willing To Do” based on Copywriting so that YOU can make just 2% improvements in all areas of your sales copy and be more successful.

Here’s your second article – Crafting YOUR Offer For Maximum Profits.


I have not held back here . . . so brace yourself, grab a stiff drink and get ready to cop what I am saying on your chin. I am dedicated to kicking your ass until YOU succeed. Pussy footing around, sugar coating the truth isn’t going to help you and as this is MY blog . . . I can and will say what I want to. I am not twisting your arm to read it. Sure, I will lose a few tire-kickers along the way and that’s only good for business.

GOOD – YOU are still reading.

By now, you being the Winner that you are . . . you would have used the first article to profile your ideal customer.

The losers will still be sitting their suffering from H.U.A. disease (Head Up Ass) bitching and moaning about poor traffic, poor opt-in’s and pathetic sales.

Judging by the emails I received after my first article many of you had NEVER been exposed to profiling in such a detailed way even though you have purchased or listening to a truck load of copywriting information.

Okay . . . now that you know who the heck you should be selling to – you have to create and craft an irresistible offer . . . one that literally gob smacks your prospects and customers into whipping out their credit card or handing over cash to purchase whatever you are offering at YOUR price!

Your offer not only has to provide exceptional value, it’s got to solve your customers problem . . . the very reason they are even visiting your website or reading your offline sales letter in the first place. If you profile your customers, create kick ass copy and then your offer is as limp as geriatric home for old men . . . you have wasted your time and theirs.

Like it or lump it . . . your offer needs to perform like a gigolo on an intravenous drip of viagra.

YOU will have heard of tuning into your prospects favorite radio station – W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me) and too many people can repeat this phrase will as much as ease as a bloody parrot who squawks “Polly Wants a Cracker’ when you walk past . . . yet are clueless as to what it really means.

I am all for W.I.I.F.M. however to make it easier for you to truly understand this aspect and for you to work out your offer . . . you need to use The Toe Cracker’s method instead – W.I.I.F.Y. which means “What’s In It For YOU” and NO, I don’t mean you as such, that’s the question you need to asked yourself as though you are sitting across the table, face to face with your prospects and answer your own question from your prospects perspective.

When you can do that . . . you will start to craft an offer they can’t do without. A win-win for you as well as them.

You need to look at the main product you are offering for sale to start with, make that your platform to to either add more products to . . . or if you are creating a package – add bonuses to. Once you have worked out what you want to include in your offer, you can start to work on your pricing. If you try and sell your offer for too much – in other words your prospects can not see the value, they will not buy.

If you price your offer too low . . . you can lose sales AND if it seems too cheap you will get sales . . . BUT you will be leaving profits on your table. Yes . . . it a balancing act to get it right and then you need to test even your pricing as part of your marketing process.

9 Critical Questions YOU Need To Ask Yourself About YOUR Offer:

1. Does your product or service solve your customers problem?

2. Does your product or service provide exceptional value – will it over deliver?

3. Are your bonuses genuine?

4. Could your bonuses be sold, as a stand alone item – for the value you place on them? (No point putting a B.S. Value)

5. Do I have a bonus that’s so good . . . it’s actually the product. In other words is the bonus itself worth the entire investment by my customer or prospect?

6. Can you offer a YES or YES Offer? You would be familiar with seeing the Silver and Gold package or the Gold and
Platinum package type offers. Also known as an ‘A’ or ‘B’ offer.

7. When you offer an ‘A-B’ offer does your ‘B’ offer provide so much more value for no more than 50% of your ‘A’ offer? Is it such a no-brainer that 98% of people purchase your dearer offer?

Too many times I see the dearer offer priced way too high. Under NO circumstances make your ‘B’ offer anymore than 50% of your ‘A’ offer. No exceptions. No excuses. In other words if you offer your Gold package for $698 make your Platinum offer $997 with 2-3 times the value of your Gold offer. When you do this, you set off an emotion trigger with your customer.

8. Are you offering bonuses that are as useless as tits on a bull? Too many times I see people copy the snake oil selling scumbags out there who offer you ‘$40,000 worth of bonuses’ that aren’t worth a squirt grasshopper shit . . . and then wonder why they look stupid.

9. Do you have an unannounced bonus that you have left for your take-away close, usually put in as a P.S.?

Answer these 9 questions in brutal honesty and you will have created a powerful, irresistible offer.

In the next day or 2 . . . I will tell you a story of how I tweaked a sales letter for a client, doubled the sale price, made the bonus the real product and this is for an e-book product.

Until then . . .

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