How to Double Your Sales With Perceived Value – Part 2 Video

Below is part 2 in this video series where I reveal how a client was able to double his sales due to perceived value.


The Video will be shown here

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Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook
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5 Responses to How to Double Your Sales With Perceived Value – Part 2 Video

  • Don’t know if it’s been your experience but every time I propose something like this the hardest part is getting the client to think wholesale not retail; that is, they get stuck on the perceived value to the customer not their actual cost.

    They keep thinking the “bread” is say $3 not the $1 they pay; weird I know and usually they see that they’ve earned more overall but getting past that mindset is the hardest part.

    Weirder still, I’ve seen the same thing with digital products which don’t cost them anything!

    Anyway, thanks for part 2 and looking forward to part 3.

  • Trevor Crook says:

    Yes david, I experience this all of the time and at times get a look of – “Are you on crack toecracker”. Yes, it’s weird about digital. People need to think outside the square.

  • Leona Leners says:

    So very little done, a lot to do.
    The majority of men talk with failure because of their not enough persistence in creating new promises to replace people who fail.

  • Linda Basta says:

    this is my first time here.
    Videos won’t play. ??
    Might be my computer
    I’ll keep trying


  • Josephunwit says:

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