“Shame On Me . . . I Apologize”

Shame On Me!

G’Day Friend,

Shame on me . . . shame, shame shame!

It’s been 6 months since I’ve blogged about anything to you and quite frankly, I’m ashamed of myself. I was WRONG!

I apologize for my ignorant, selfish behavior towards you and I have a genuine gift for you as an apology, one which I do usually charge a $750 consulting fee for. More about your free gift in a minute.

Allow me to explain . . .

2011 has been a year of re-discovery for myself. I’ve had to dig deeper than oil rig searching for oil because for far too many years, I buried the real me, numbing personal pain in so many ways. I found beer a great comfort when in reality, all beer was doing was numbing the pain and masking my feelings. Fair dinkum, it was so bloody easy to down a truck load of pints each night and then wake up feeling like crap from the hangover . . . than it was to deal with reality.

I had an epiphany at the end of March, a real wake up call about life. I decided it was time to take my life back, reclaim my lost health and also take full responsibility for the pain I was experiencing and for the pain I was causing to those close to me, my loved ones and to finally stop sucking on my pity pipe, get off my ass and do something about it. I’m now pretty fit again, have dropped 28 pounds, eating healthy, stopped drinking and I have my shit together.

The real ToeCracker is no longer lost in self pity, he’s alive and well (I’ms so grateful to a very special person) . . . and back giving 100% for the first time in 6 years.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes in life in terms of my loved ones and in terms of unlimited success and wealth.  This will benefit you in a HUGE way.

MY Passion . . . Means YOU Profit:

Part of my reflection caused me to realize what I am 100% passionate about which is . . . helping entrepreneurs and business owners create unlimited success by teaching them dynamic sales and success strategies which transforms their success without any of the hyped up, magic pill, bullshit!

Upon reflection, I forced myself to look at the major successes I’ve helped create for my many clients over the last 12 years.  The harsh reality, which was more obvious to me than a nosebleed on a white tissue was this . . .

The biggest success stories came about through sales copy makeovers, critiques and mentoring. I realized I can very quickly spot what’s holding a client back from unlimited success . . . when, they themselves, can’t see the woods for the trees.

In the last couple  weeks, I’ve started mentoring again. Something I stopped doing for way too many years and the results my clients are getting so far, is astounding them . . . to say the least.

FREE 20 Minute Mentoring Session – Valued at $750

I want to help you solve your number one problem in business for free.  No gimmicks. No hard sell. A genuine offer to help you and from experience, this will only take 20 minutes.

My offer to help solve one of your problems is real. I help business owners like you achieve amazing success through simple methods which I’ve tested, are time proven to work and are 100% risk FREE.

I‘ve been doing this for many business owners. The results? They’ve been explosive. Business owners doubling their sales, breaking through sales barriers in record time, doubling, tripling the response to their advertising without increasing the costs of their ads . . . and the list goes on.

1. A client increased sales $2.159 Million a year after one, 20 minute consultation which me.
2. Another client increased sales 382% in 1 week after I created a new headline for them. Sales went from $20,000 to $76,400 in one week.
3. Just one marketing suggestion for another client added an extra $100,000 NET profit in one month.

Now It’s YOUR Turn . . .

Simply complete click ‘contact me’ or hit the contact me link at the top of my blog. Complete the form and in the comments/Question section, write down a small or large problem which is giving you a headache. Be sure to include your best telephone number (plus country code) and your location, then hit the submit to Trevor button. From there, I will contact you via email to arrange a time to talk. I’ll listen to your description of the problem, ask you some relevant questions and in 20 minutes or less, I’ll suggest a complete solution . . . so  your problem can go away.

And it won’t cost you one cent. There are no strings attached. You do not need to purchase anything.

Why would I make such an offer?

Well, very simply, I have found over the years, prospective clients usually decide very quickly after an initial conversation with me, whether or not to pursue the relationship. So this is an efficient way of getting to know you personally.

HURRY! I can only allocated 17 people and your free 20 mentoring session will be scheduled in order of when I receive them. If you are number 18, I’m sorry, you will not qualify and will miss out.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed!”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker‘ Crook

PS. You may think this offer strange, however it’s genuine. I’m committed to helping business owners achieve greater success & if I can help YOU solve a big problem in your business . . . for FREE, wouldn’t it be worth 20 minutes of your time to discover how you can create unlimited success? Simply complete the ‘contact me’ form.


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