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You may have seen the movie – ‘The Hangover’ which to me was very funny. 2 months after watching the movie, I had my own real life hangover experience in Vegas, just like in the movie.

It happened on my birthday. I had been out partying with friends who picked me up in a stretch limo, we went to dinner and then back to the Wynn where the drinks went down quicker than a hooker on the strip.

I remember getting back to my hotel room around 3am and passing out. A couple of hours later, I woke up, needing to pee.

I got out of bed in a drunken stupor and opened what I thought was the bathroom door when and all of a sudden . . . I heard the door click behind me.

Suddendly, I am standing stark naked outside of my hotel room in the hallway.

Fair dinkum, it’s bloody amazing how quickly you can sober up. Now, I needed to drain the lizard badly . . . however my first thought was . . . how the fuck do I get back in.

While pondering outside my door, 2 lots of people walked past and wanted to know WTF I was standing outside naked for . . . so I told them which gave them a huge laugh.

I decided, the only thing I could do was to go to the front desk and hoped I wouldn’t get arrested for being naked in a public place.

I started the long walk towards the elevators, not bothering to cover up my meat and potatoes. As I pressed the down button, I noticed a wall phone on the other side about 2 feet off the ground.

I squatted down, called reception and explained my situation. The lady said to go back and wait by my door for security to arrive – which I did.

I was standing outside my door, with my arms folded when a hot blond and her friend walked by.

What happened next left me speechless . . .

After explaining what had happened and after she stopped crying from laughter . . . she pulls out her camera and started to take pictures.

Not being bashful, I started posing for pictures.

I mean, what could I have done other than cover myself up. I decided to have some fun.

After god knows how many pics, her friend walks over to me, takes off his baseball cap, puts it in front on my meat and potatoes and poses for a photo with me before they both left.

I have no idea where those pics ended up or will end up. No doubt they will surface at some point. Shit happens!

After about 5 minutes, I spotted the security guy coming around the corner and he was already laughing. As he got to me, he asked me for my full name and room number before confirming this with reception.

He then said to me - “I need a picture ID!”

I wanted to reply and say, mate, I am not holding my passport in my ass. I though I had better not be a smart ass in my position, so I simply put my hand up in the air and said, my passport is in the safe, let me in and I will grab it while you stand at the door.

After doing this, he said, have a good night and left.

I tell this story on stage as I am not embarrassedby it – far from it. What I can tell you though is this.

I had just turned 45 and still in pretty good shape for my age and for the amount of beer I can and do drink, however there is one thing which  have lost on and off over the years, which is harder to do as each year goes by and that is . . .

Getting My Sexy Back!

Now don’t get me wrong. I can and do pull women, hot, young women to be exact . . . without too much trouble.

This is no longer enough for me though because hunting hot young women is not really a challenge and after being single for 2 years . . . I am finally ready to get into a relationship again . . . which is why I wanted to get my sexy back in just 6 short weeks and keep it!

After revealing my hangover story to my friend, Sabrina The Sexy Bitch, she proceeded to ask me a few direct questions.

Below is what she said and my answers:

How sexy do you feel?

Q. Do you feel sexy enough to strut your stuff down the beach half naked?

A. No. I am not going to wear a banana hammock on the beach or some skimpy faghetti shorts which the Italian men love to wear.

Q. Do you feel sexy enough to stand naked in front of the mirror and like what you see? Or is the word sexy so far from your normal everyday thinking that you don’t even want to acknowledge it as a possibility for yourself?

A. When I stand naked in front of my mirror, it’s not the same sexy body I had when I was super fit although yes, I do consider myself sexy in certain ways however, I don’t love what I see. For way too long as I have been in denial and I know that ain’t just a river in Egypt.

As you read this, answer Sabrina’s questions for yourself. If you’re getting uncomfortable thinking about these things you’re not alone. The majority of people feel the exact same way you and I do!

Do you want to join me and get your sexy back in 6 weeks?

After my conversation with Sabrina, I decided to do her sexy in six weeks challenge. I recently finished and dropped 13.7 pounds, put muscle on, feel stronger, more productive and I’m hornier than a 19 year old teenager who has just swallowed a bottle of Viagra.

My sexy is back, I feel handsome and confident. The best part is, it’s now a lifestyle. There was no fad diet. Sabrina knows how you can get your sexy back and keep it . . . regardless of your current shape.

She’s now developed her online bootcamp which is kicking people’s ass into shape and making people look great naked!

Sabrina Wants to Talk With YOU for FREE:

As a favor to me, Sabrina has agreed to talk with 17 of my subscribers for free . . . and reveal to them and you, how you too can get your sexy back and get fit to get laid . . . easily!

When you want your sexy back, send me an email with the subject Line: Sabrina, talk to me. In your email, tell me your name, best phone number and country and I will pass along your details and Sabrina will contact you.  Send your email to:

“Dedicated to Kicking YOUR Ass Until Your Succeed!”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

PS. When YOU decide you want to get your sexy back and you want to talk with Sabrina absolutely FREE . . . invest in yourself, simply send me an email as detailed above. It’s the best way for you to get fit and get laid!

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