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Can you Handle The Truth . . .

As an entrepreneur, at times it can be hard for you to handle the truth about your business, especially when it comes to your sales messages because in most cases you created the words yourself, THE words you thought would generate you the most leads and sales.

Back in January 2006, I did a sales letter critique for a guest and then proceeded to phone him. I was brutal.

Yep, I didn’t hold back, didn’t sugarcoat anything at all and delivered my critique with both barrels of the toecracker . . . at one point telling my stunned ‘guest’ it looked like he had chundered (puked or vomited) all over his website . . . it was that ugly.

He took notes, clearly listened, tested my new headline and began to implement the 23 major mistakes which I pointed out during my critique of his website copy.

Now, it was nothing personal. I could see his mistakes and I can see yours too . . . with the pinpoint accuracy of Google earth spotting you sun baking in your back yard.

I spoke with my guest 30 days after our 1 on 1 private session and critique and his sales had increased more than 300%, giving him an annual increase of $2.159 million plus he had sold 4 distributorships at $50,000 each . . . all due to him being able to handle the truth and taking action to correct the mistakes I pointed out to him.

Since 2006, I have done more of these than I can list here and results tend to be similar when my ‘guests’ follow what I say to do.


I am passionate about your success, probably more than are to be honest.

Answer ‘YES’ to the above question and you can keep reading. Answer ‘NO’ and you need to stop reading right now as the rest will be a waste of your time and mine.

Good, you are still reading.

So far, so good.  It seems you can handle the truth.

Time will tell. I hope for your sake you can.


Did you read that – did you get it and if you didn’t get it . . . you need to. The cold hard facts are, it will not take you much.

Take a world class athlete, are they ten times better than their closest rival? Truth is they are generally only 1-2% better but it’s those 1-2% increments, the fine tuning, which make them winners, world class in their chosen fields and it is all due to doing what losers are unwilling to do.

I am going to focus on your sales copy because I want you to be prepared to do what losers are not.

To be a much better marketer, all you need to do is master the details, set yourself a goal of improving the blueprint to your copywriting and marketing success by a paltry 2% because it’s those slight differences . . . which will make your sales messages a winner.

Imagine if you can tweak all the components of your copy by just 2% . . . what will that do to your sales?

Winners will tweak their copy – using proven methods.


The number one place for you to start is with your headlines.


Because 75 per cent of the buying decisions which your prospects make then decide to give you cash are made at the point of your headline. Without a powerful headline, your promotion stands no chance whatsoever to be successful. Zero. Nada.

Yep, it will flat-line like Michael Jackson.

It’s absolutely crucial for your success. Without a “kick ass” headline, you may as well forget your promotion or being an entrepreneur completely.

It’s no wonder . . . the master legend, John Caples devoted more than 20% of his Tested Advertising Methods book to headlines alone.

It’s no wonder . . . when I created 3 headlines to test for a guest, his sales increased 300% in one week.

It’s no wonder . . . the new headline which took me 10 minutes to write one year ago . . . increased sales $2,932,800 per year for another guest.

It’s no wonder . . . adding one ’5 letter’ word increased respond 800% for another.

It’s no wonder . . . a 3 headline test increased results 1700%.

It’s no wonder . . . a headline I wrote without any other changes increased sales 533%.

It’s no wonder . . . on at least 14 times, a simple headline tweak has increased sales 300% or more.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a mountain of them!

Let Me Write a Kick Ass Headline For YOU:

I can create a winning headline for you with all of the precision of a scalpel wielding brain surgeon removing a delicate brain tumor as well as point you to the 1-2% increments your business needs to ignite your sale like the 4th of July however . . . only if you can handle the truth.

Your Investment:

For 1 sales letter or advert, I will create 3 headlines for you to test – $497

For 3 sales letters or adverts, I will create 3 headlines for each one for you to test – $747.

PLUS . . .

$2,000 FREE BONUS – First 7 people only.

I will do a full blown sales letter critique of your copy (just like I did for my guest who increased sales $2.159 Million a year) and then call you to go through what I found, how to correct your mistakes and also discuss how you can make the 1-2% changes to give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

This private, 1 on 1 session is worth $2,000 and will go for one hour.

YOUR 180 Day Money Back Guarantee:

Short and simple. Test the headlines I create for you and implement the changes I recommend for up to 180 days. Should you not be 100% happy with your results . . . simply contact me for a prompt and courteous 100% refund.

No out clauses. No BS.

Your sales either explode or I refund you 100%.

Fair enough?

To claim one of my headline makeovers go on over to:

You will see the 2 options you have.

Upon receipt of your payment, I will email you within 12 hours (I may be snoring) to get from you the information I need.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. Winners can handle the truth and understand just how potent a kick ass headline will be for them plus the potent cocktail of a full blown critique and one hour, private session with me will be for them and their success in 2010.

Head on over to:

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