“Goodbye and Thank YOU . . .”

Goodbye and thank you.

Last Saturday, I was walking to the grocery store around 11-16 am when I glanced at the book store where I had previously invested in many books.

Today the book store was different.

It was like a frenzy due to a sale. A closing down sale to be exact.

I looked at the massive sign on the wall which said:

“Goodbye and Thank you to all of our loyal customers particularly those who have remained steadfast customers over the past 10 years.”

I went inside for a few minutes and then left with a smile on my face for several reasons, mostly due to the blatant mistakes this book store made.


This book store NEVER once tried to get my name or any contact details or inquire as to the types of books I like to read. I am guessing they have NEVER done this over the 10 years they were in business.

Imagine the database they could have built over that time and the increased sales from creating a profile of their ‘customers’ and then doing simple direct mail letters and or sending emails . . .


Customers. Yes, calling them customers is a mistake.

No, I am not on crack.

Customer implies a one time sale. You should call them guests. When you have guests come to your home, as long as they are not the guests from hell, then you generally invite them to return again and again.

So, stop calling your guests . . . ‘customers’ and do what ever it takes to get them to return to your business.


Running a full page newspaper advert . . . to announce they are closing down and to again say goodbye and thank you. Dumb asses . . . waiting until they have to close down to advertise.

Fair bloody dinkum!

The owners of the failed book store deserve to go broke because of their ignorance, stupidity and absolute crystal clear lack of applying any proven marketing strategies.

You can learn from these mistakes and now is a good time to give yourself a dose of reality and truly look at your own marketing with brutal honesty.


When you use just 1 or 2 marketing mediums for your business, you are clearly leaving money on the table.

When you don’t build a profile of your ideal guests you will leave moolah on the table.

When you just use the internet, you are making the BIGGEST mistake of all.

When you fail to give recognition to your guests and you fail to have at least 52 contacts with them a year as a minimum . . . you are one step closer to saying goodbye and thank you as well.

I want you to be as successful as you can be and therefore, I want to give to you my biggest advertising and marketing knife for FREE  . . . so you can cut your competition in half and leave them feeling like they’re a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.

See for yourself. You need to be quick as I only have 11 sets left.


Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
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