“One Rainy Sunday Afternoon in January . . .”

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4 days ago, I was sitting at my laptop here on a wet, and cold Sunday afternoon. I decided to call up my mate from Down Under – Peter Godfrey, the wizard of words.

We started chewing the fat and swapping yarns about some of the good old days, back when the beer and women overflowed like Niagara Falls . . . back when I had hair and Pete and I were a lot slimmer.

We then started to talk seriously about business and Pete mentioned the secret ‘X factor’ used by savvy marketers to create fame and notoriety in their niche.  A secret weapon if used correctly instantly catapults you and your business into the spotlight of fame and fortune.

Unlike the illusive, magnetically attractive ‘X Factor’ many Movie Stars possess, this ‘X Factor’ can be strategically manufactured, is available to all, so anyone, including you, can be a ‘Star’ in your niche; no matter what your age, looks or educational background.

Now when Pete said no matter what your age or looks, I started to laugh my ass off!  Pete asked if I was laughing at him.

Too bloody right mate I replied! I mean Pete makes a midget look tall and he ain’t no bloody oil painting however he has the X factor and is very successful in his chosen niche.

Pete joking called me a prick and a told me to fuck off. Nice, bloody nice!

For you though, it’s good news, even if you weren’t blessed with star-like qualities. It means you, no matter what business you are in, can easily become the expert in your niche and reap the rewards such a position commands.

And here’s even more good news.

My little mate and and master wordsmith Pete Godfrey has put together a valuable new free course called:

“The X Factor: The Missing Link That Stands Between You and Fame and Fortune.”

You can get your copy at the link below.


I can tell you, I have it and it rocks. Full of pure, no B.S. content, true Godfrey fashion because Pete only delivers stuff you can use without the fluff or bullshit. A major reason why we are such good mates, we think alike.

* When you want to know how to instantly become the super hero of your niche

* When you want to deal with quality respectful clients

* When you want to charge what you are really worth . . .

Then your answers are contained in this course.

Grab it now while it’s fresh in your mind.


And then get ready for a brighter more profitable future.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. What Peter wants to give to you, could just be the key to your success in 2010 – don’t procrastinate. Get off your ass and grab it now . . .  at http://bit.ly/XFactor

PPS. And yes, if you should ever buy some of Pete’s stuff through my link, I will get paid a few bucks and so I should for putting you in touch with the good shit! To the FTC . . . stick that one where the sun don’t shine!

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