Time Vampires Suck The Life From Your Business

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It’s Time . . .

As the year ends, I am sure there were many times throughout your year where you were interrupted so many times, you wonder why you were not productive and that you got nothing, nada done!

This happens to me, you and everyone if you allow it too.

Did you know, on average, for every single interruption you have while on a task, it takes you an average of 15 minutes to get back to the point where you were.

I call these Time Vampires . . .

Imagine, every time you check your emails, twitter, facebook, take a phone call or worse, some person barges into your office, without an appointment, without giving a toss about you and says . . . hey, have you got a moment, I’ll only be a minute.

At these times, you lose all focus on the task at hand. So, if you get 10 such time vampires moments each day, which suck your productivity like a vampire draining the life out of you . . . you have just lost 150 minutes of real, money making productivity.

Over 1 full week, you would lose 12.5 hours!

Recently, a client complained that he was too busy to find the time to allocate to the marketing of his business.

I replied . . . Bullshit!

His face was rather shocked, so I repeated the fact it was total bullshit.

I informed him in no uncertain terms that it was the time vampires each day which were robbing him of productivity.

I asked him, how many times a day did he check his emails. He replied, 8-10.

I then asked him, how many times did he get phone calls. He replied, 12 or more. So I asked him . . . do you absolutely need to take each and every call or can they go to a message and you call people back at set times throughout your day.

He replied, yes, most calls are not critical.

I didn’t even bother about asking him about twitter and facebook etc. Already he told me he has at least 20 time vampire moments each day which equates to 5 hours of LOST productivity each and every friggin’ day.

Yep, no wonder he doesn’t have time to spend on . . . ‘working on his business’.

So, I gave him a simple formula . . .

I didn’t invent this, I discovered it from Eban Pagan and here’s the toecracker version.

Work for 2 hours on 1 project/task.

Divide this into 2 x 1 hour sessions where at the 50 minute mark of each hour, you stop what you are doing and take 10 minutes for yourself to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, do a quick exercise etc.

After your 10 minute break, repeat for the the next hour – 50 minutes work, 10 minutes for you.

Then, after your 2 hours are up, spend 30 minutes on yourself. Do what ever you want, check your messages, emails, twitter, go for a walk etc.


Now, during the 2 x 1 hour session, you are not to do anything else accept the task/s you have allocated.

No answering phones, talking to anyone, checking emails, social media etc.

Now, this is going to take some work on your behalf to break bad habits and create your new productivity habit.

BUT . . . it’ll be worth it for you.

The best way for you to stick to each session is with a stop watch or timer and one of my customers has a brilliant one which is a desktop timer . . . which he’s making available to you for a measly buck – yep, $1 dollar.

No, there’s nothing else to buy, no continuity stuff. Just a buckeroo!

Seriously, When you want to increase your productivity in 2010, you can do it for one bloody dollar.

No affiliate link here, just direct access.


I personally wish you, your family, friends and loved ones, a safe and happy holidays.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. If you work from home or in an office, grab yourself a funny hat, call it your productivity hat and inform everyone that when you are wearing your hat, NOT to disturb you or pay the price.

This works!

Invest $1 in yourself and watch your productivity ignite like fireworks on the 4th of July in 2010.


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