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You know by now sex sells however when you use it in the wrong context, your sales message and marketing will fail.

When it comes to headlines, you need to find the right appeal,when you want to be successful in advertising and marketing.

When Troy White and I were deep in the Rocky Mountains a few weeks ago, running around in our Austin Power’s outfits, discussing various strategies, the ones which will give you the most entrepreneur mojo . . . there was ONE clear winner.


Not the lame duck headlines which 99.97% of people ‘create’ with as much effort as I was discussing.

YOU must find the right appeal for your headlines otherwise you will leave money on the table for your competitors to pick up.


1. Sex/Sex Appeal

Not just . . . or even primarily, the physical act, but also love, affection, friendship.

2. Greed.

Everything . . . physical and emotional which money or your credit card can buy.

3. Fear

Fear of losing what you have . . . of not gaining what you hope to achieve . . . or both.

4. Duty/Honor/Professionalism

Not what’s in it for me but what is best for those you serve, the right medicine, the best face creams, longest lasting longest lasting sewer pipes, the most effective asset protection strategies etc.

All 4 appeals concentrate 100% on what’s best for the buyer and don’t give a toss about ‘YOU’. NOT ONE of these appeals mentions what’s best for you, the seller.

Because ‘YOU’ are not your customer and to be blunt, your own appeal doesn’t count one bit. It’s about your prospects and or customers – PERIOD!

The most frequent reason for unsuccessful sales messages is due to the seller being so full of their own importance and accomplishments (the world’s best seed!)that they forgot to tell us why we should by (the world’s best lawn!).

There is not one single element in an advertisement or sales message which is more important than the appeal . . . the reason you give the reader for whipping out their credit card or cash and investing in your products or services.


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Dedicated to kicking you ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
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