Celebrity Endorsement Gone Wrong!

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I was sitting watching television last night & one particular story grabbed my attention.

It was a story about a former high profile T.V. show host who, to be honest is now probably considered to be past his used by date.

You might even consider him a ‘has been’ these days.

Now . . . what was so interesting about this story was the that this guy had been paid a motza of money to tell the ‘world’ that . . . he could no longer get it up!

That’s right . . . No more erections! No more boners!

His ‘old fella’ was more asleep than a coma victim.

Now, this is no laughing matter for us mere males. In fact the word ‘impotence’, erection problems are searched for over 100,000 times a month!

I mean . . . it’s all too easy for a woman to fake an orgasm & to be honest . . . most males wouldn’t have a clue one way or the other.

BUT . . . for us men . . . you can’t fake a boner! Nope, if it’s as limp as wet lettuce, it’s easy to tell.

The problem is 100% real & there are many proven remedies to get even the limpest penis as hard as a 16 years old boy who’s just inherited a brothel.

You’re probably wondering what the hell a T.V. story about an erection problem has got to do with Marketing?

Good bloody question!


Stay with me here . . . because you’ll soon understand.

Back to the story.

The reason this story made the headlines at all was because the ‘old fart’ who was paid a motza to give a glowing testimonial about a product that supposedly cured his erection failure was . . . one BIG BLOODY LIE!

That’s right!

The old bugger could still get it harder than David Letterman with his assistant . . . or a male gigolo on Viagra.

The funniest part was . . . it was his son who dobbed him in!

When I heard this . . . I was laughing so hard it hurt & I almost missed the story!

No doubt, the son’s off the Christmas card list & been left out of the will.

I mean fair dinkum . . . what man in their right mind would tell the world they were impotent or that they could make their own porno flick & title it “15 seconds with me” starring Quick Draw McGraw . . . if it was a great big fat lie?

Well . . . obviously there are a few people who will do anything for money.

Just take Britney Spears. She was paid a fortune to do a pepsi commercial and then gets caught drinking coca-cola.

Shane Warne gets caught puffing on a fag (cigarette that is) after endorsing a ‘quit smoking’ product and the list goes on.

So . . . what’s the moral of the story.


Don’t lie because sooner or later it will come & bite you on the ass!

In your own business, when you get testimonials . . . make sure they are 100% real.

Don’t fake ‘em because like our friend, ‘the lying . . . anything but limp has been’ . . . you’ll be exposed and end up with more BAD exposure for your business than the David Letterman sex scandal . . . or on the front cover of the national enquirer, in the papers or the t.v.

What’s even worse is that your prospects won’t believe you & it will cost you sales.

YOU should gather testimonials every chance that you can get.

Make sure they are real, that you have permission to use them and that you include full names, suburb, state & if at all possible a contact phone number or email address. With the latest Bullshit from the FTC about testimonials, you need to protect your own ass even more.

Doing this adds to the authenticity & it helps your prospect to whip out their credit card.

If you just use initials at the end of your testimonials such as;

T.C. QLD  . . . instead of saying the testimonial’s from Trevor Crook, ToeCracker Inc. Los Angeles CA. + my email details people would assume that your testimonial . . . no matter how good it sounded . . . sounds as fake as Pamela Anderson’s boobs.

It’s hard enough these days to get a hot prospect . . . so don’t blow it by using dud testimonials where people have simply lied or you’ve pluck it out of . . . wherever you choose to pluck it from!

When you want to give yourself real entrepreneur mojo, There’s nothing to buy . . . head on over to:


Let’s face it . . . your prospects & customers don’t give a shit what you say about yourself.

It’s a different story when one of your very happy customers is only too happy to put it in writing and to talk your prospects or respond to an email from a prospect about their experience with ‘you’.

Testimonials have been said to be able to double your business in 12 months if you use them correctly.

I can tell you from personal experience, that my testimonials have generated plenty of sales for me and that they will continue to do so.

“Dedicated to kicking your ASS until you succeed!”


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
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