3 Basic Buying Motives . . . the XYZ Formula

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The HEART is closer to your customer’s pocketbook (their purse, wallet, cash and or credit card) than is his or her  BRAIN!

YOUR ‘Selling Words’ are mightier than YOUR price tag.

Basically we are all alike and respond to the same buying urges, and the same emotions which sold customers from when the caveman first grunted . . . still sell today.

It doesn’t take much persuasion to sell a person when you direct your Tested Selling Sentences’ at their basic buying motives, which are, in their order of importance:

Basic Buying Motive 1:

Basic buying motive of self-preservation.

First we must have food, clothing and shelter for OURSELVES before we can think of others, even our mates.

It is our oldest INSTINCT to look out for ourselves first, and so it is our oldest buying urge.

“X” symbolizes the basic buying motive of self-preservation.

Basic Buying Motive 2:

Basic buying motive of romance.

Once we have food, clothing, and shelter, our thoughts turn to leisure, and so comes romance, another natural force in us.

Desire for romance is not only for sex, but also for adventure, travel, and so on. It is our second strong instinct and our second basic buying motive.

“Y” symbolizes the basic buying urge of romance.

Basic Buying Motive 3:

Basic buying motive of money.

With money we know we can purchase security; it gives us the knowledge that we can have food, clothing, shelter, and romance at will, whenever we so desire. Money being our third strongest instinct, it is our third biggest buying motive.

“Z” is the symbol of the money buying motive.

There are, of course, many other buying motives, as any copywriter or sales manager will tell you quickly – but the 105,000 selling statements in ‘Long Lost Advertising Secrets’ prove you can sell 85 per cent of your prospects with just these three simple buying motives – because they are so basic!

Memorize this X, Y, Z Formula.

You will find its simplicity an important part of its effectiveness. Don’t complicate selling too much with too many rules or principles.

YOUR Prospect’s ‘Mental Pocketbooks’

Inside your prospect’s brain are these three basic buying motives – three ‘mental pocketbooks.’ You must unlock them first before the brain will tell your prospect’s hand to reach down into his pants pocket and whip out their credit card or cash to invest in your products and services.

What is most important to remember is . . . these three ‘mental pocketbooks’ are not in the logical front part of your prospect’s mind. They are buried deep in the emotional back part of their brain.

You must fashion your words so they will fly past your prospect’s cold reasoning, his/her logical front mind, and move, emotionally, his/her real basic buying urges in the ‘depth’ of your prospect’s brain.

The ‘Desire’ and ‘Fear’ Selling ‘Sizzles’

Two strong forces which motivate the three ‘mental pocketbooks’ in your prospect’s mind are (1) fear and (2) desire.

If we fear for our health, we are prompted to respond to medical advertisements addressed to our pet worry; and we respond to statements in advertisements about Florida or California, where health is supposed to be available under every palm tree (X).

If you desire to end money worries and become financially secure, you will find yourself listening to insurance men, bankers, wealth creation experts, attending seminars on real estate investing, the stock market, making money on the internet events etc . . . provided they play upon your desire for money (Z).

If you bought from the logical front part of your mind, you would quickly out-reason the the very people who know how to tap into your emotion triggers and compel you to buy/invest.

Since we all buy not from cold logic but from emotional urges, we respond to all forms of statements designed to motivate our three basic buying motives, and we are quick to reach for our cash or credit card . . . when we read or hear:

“Corns gone in five days or your money back.” (X)
“How to be the life of the party.” (Y)
“End money worries quickly.” (Z)
“Free roller skates.” (Y)
“No down payment necessary.” (Z)
“Be an executive while still young.” (X, Y, Z)
“Removes every trace of dandruff.” (X, Y)
“Makes Money While you sleep” (Z)

YOU may not admit it . . . BUT you buy on emotions and so do every single one of your prospects.

You must NEVER loses sight of this fact, nor the fact that the same emotional urges which made Caesar buy, if sufficiently basic, will make your next customer buy too!

Two Little Words Which Turned Nickels Into Dimes


This is an extract from Elmer Wheeler’s Tested Sentences That Sell Book.

Elmer was very THIRSTY and stopped at the first drugstore he come to. As he stpped up to the busy counter, motivated for a drink by the law of self-preservation, as his throat was parched. He asked the clerk for a Coca Cola, and he says, “Large or small, sir?”

The store lost a nickel. Wheeler was deprived of a longer moment of refreshment, for like most people when asked with such a question, automatically say, “Small.”

A thought suddenly occurred to Elmer: Suppose the clerk had merely said, “Large one?” would he have automatically told him, “Yes”?

He approached Mr. Harry Brown, store manager of Abraham & Straus of Brooklyn, which had more fountain space under one roof than any other store at the time; and Fred Griffiths, president of the Pennsylvania Drug Stores in New York.

The experiment was tried out.

Whenever a customer asked for a Coca Cola, the clerk would say, “Large one?” Five thousand tests were made, and the results showed 7 out of every 10 people replied, “Yes”!

Don’t forget these three basic buying motives:

Self-preservation (X), Romance (Y), and Money (Z).

They’ll make money for you, if you let them.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. All it takes is just one sentence or sales appeal to be sufficiently basic in your prospect’s mind and it will sell as high as 7 out of 10 people when used properly.

Why try and reinvent the wheel when you can get your hands on what I call my advertising bible, tested on 19 million people, testing 105,000 sentences, words and phrases. Check it out for yourself at: www.LongLostAdvertisingSecrets.com.

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