“The Mysterious Black Linen Envelope Secrets and YOU”

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G’Day my Entrepreneurial Friend,

You may be familiar with a little black book full of details of the opposite sex, however are you aware of the mysterious black linen envelope for entrepreneurs and how it can impact you?

I doubt it . . . however I will reveal full details of the black linen envelope shortly.

Firstly, I want to tell you a story.

Just over  1 week ago, I went to stay with my mate, Troy White and his family for what started as a couple of days and ended up being 1 week. Troy and I provide similar types of services to our own customers however we have vastly different styles. Styles . . . when combined provide more marketing mojo than you could ever imagine.

After grabbing a beer each, we went out to his ‘holy grail’ . . . his office, which looked more like a marketing library on steroids with a couple of desks and computers thrown in for good measure. I started scouring the joint like some robber
who had just broken into a mansion looking for the best gems and diamonds to steal and sell for the best price.

All around the office were adverts and direct mail pieces, some Troy had written and others as swipe files.

One advert stood out at me. Besides the headline was a hot looking woman, in a mini skirt, knee high boots, although she was holding her back and looked in pain. The headline was a ripper. I read the advert and then asked Troy about it.

He said the advert, which he wrote for a client selling beds to the Amish community hit a few days ago. Now, if you know anything about the Amish, running an advert with a sexy woman would certainly get them out of their comfort zone.


The client sold more beds in one day than the entire previous month. Not cheap beds either -in the 5,000 to 7,000 range. He also mentioned another bed store, targeting the Amish in another part of the country, wanted to know if he could use the advert as well.

Troy and I had a good laugh over the response, swapped a few more suchs success stories over a few more beers as we began to mastermind the combined knowledge we both have and how we can pass it on to you.

Back to the Black Linen Envelope . . .

I saw a pile of black envelopes in one section of Troy’s office. Curiosity got the better of me, so I asked him what the heck they were.

This is what Troy said . . .

“That black linen envelope just sits there in front of me – gloating.  Like it knew what lays sandwiched inside.  Cold hard cash pressed down to the thickness of a greeting card . . . very tempting indeed. I broke down and opened it, more like devoured what lay inside.

This mysterious black linen envelope contains formulas that can make you a bundle of cash . . . in your business.

One client made $48,757 in 48 hours, another sold 39,400 books in 58 days, another had 1,175 orders in under 37 hours.

What could this mysterious black linen envelope do for you and your business?

Just 30 days later, a new black linen envelope showed up at my door. After what happened last time, it took about a nanosecond to have the envelope peeled apart and the contents strewn about across my desk.

This month’s envelope looked like even more money was mailed to me in this unusual manner.

You see, every single month I get mailed these black linen envelopes.  I look forward to them like a 7 year old child looks forward to ripping open presents at Christmas.

Typically, inside them lay 20 pages of black and white text. If I did what the text said, I got paid back BIG bucks. If I didn’t, those same pieces of paper would sit on my shelf collecting dust.

But, I could dust them off anytime, re-read them, follow the step-by-step instructions and I was pretty well guaranteed to make money.

The choice was mine . . .

(A) Make more money in my business, or (B) refuse to admit it was possible and go about my oblivious ways.

I choose option A . . .”

What would you choose?

If you choose option ‘A’ then you should know, I have teamed up with Troy to start creating our own black linen envelope’s – full of entrepreneurial success secrets and we want to deliver the first one to you by 31 October.

All you have to do is say maybe.

Before then, however, Troy and I want to deliver to you . . .  an all you can devour buffet of entrepreneurial gifts – absolutely free to prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we have the tools, knowledge and commitment to pass onto you our own entrepreneur mojo.

Our Question For YOU:

If Troy and I mailed you cold hard cash in a black linen envelope every single month – would you open the bag?

Would you cash it in?

Or would you pretend it didn’t exist, stick your head back in the sand and go about life hoping and praying for the big fat lottery winnings . . . one day?

If you answered - “You would open the bag & cash it in” then grab your mojo free stuff at:

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
OutWit, OutWord, OutSell Your Competitors
PS. The contents of our Black Linen Envelope will change every single entrepreneur who has the balls to open it, read what’s inside and then implement. It is that powerful. It is that lifechanging.


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