“3 Year Old Marketing Genius Discovered . . .”

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Many years ago, when my youngest son was three years old, I used to think he’d ‘been here’ before in another life, because he was 3 going on 30! In fact his negotiation skills would will rival the one and only Donald Trump!

You may be wondering what a 3 year old has to do with marketing – a fair question.

What I can tell you is this . . . if you acted more like a 3 year old when it comes to applying marketing & negotiation skills in your own business . . . you’d have a more profitable business with exceptional cash flow to boot!


Very simply, most 3 years old kids, ask a bucket load of questions and they continue to ask – until they get the answer they want. They will annoy the crap out of you until you are blue in the face from saying ‘NO’.

To them . . . ‘NO’ is totally negotiable and they are always asking “why, Why Why?” until they give you the shit’s so much . . . you either give in or they get the answer they were looking for. . . or they get the toy they just have to have today.

And don’t forget – they can scam ‘Granny’ for just about anything – and they no it. They don’t stop!

Now . . . I’m sure you can relate to this, even if you do not have children.

What I want you to understand is this.

Children in general, tell you exactly what they want.

YES . . . What’s In It For Me.(W.I.I.F.M.)

They do it every time.

They tune into their favorite radio station and NEVER tune out. They become like a broken record.

They don’t pussy foot around, in fact they’ll even push you to the point where they risk getting such a sore ass . . . even if they sat their ass on an iceberg  . . . they’d get no relief!

I want you to think of your own situation, one where you asked a question, got an answer . . . however you were not satisfied with with that answer. Did you just accept it, or did you ask again and again until you got the answer you were looking for?

Let’s relate this scenario to a selling situation.

You have a hot prospect, who’s been through your entire ‘selling process’. I don’t give two hoots if it’s a mail
order prospect, face to face, on the telephone . . . or the internet.

When it comes time for the sale . . . they say no, giving you some lame ass excuse for not buying.

What do you do?

Do you just accept their answer?

I can tell you, most business owners do just accept these lame answers . . . preferring to act like some scared kitten who’s been cornered by a hungry pit bull . . . one which hasn’t been fed for a few days.

The end result is . . . you’ve just missed out on a golden opportunity (unlike the pit bull) and a chance to put cash in your bank, get a new customer, look after them, get repeat business and get referrals.

How much has that ‘NO’ cost you?

Now . . . what if you bothered asking ‘why, why, why?’ like a pain in the ass 3 year old . . . until you found out their ONE & ONLY reason for not buying.

No! I’m not saying be a pushy salesperson.

Being pushy might get you a few sales initially. It won’t get you too far in the long run.

What if you were able to find out the ONE & ONLY reason why your prospects say ‘NO’ . . . do you think you would be able to turn those ‘NO’ answers into sales?

I’ll give you the answer . . . too bloody right you would.

YES . . .you will get more sales!

Here’s Why . . .

Being able to get to your prospects ONE & ONLY objection, their one & only reason for not saying ‘NO’ puts you in a very powerful position.

YOU now know exactly what you are playing with.

YOU can then make an offer which not only overcomes your prospects ONE & ONLY Fear (their objection) – you also get a happy customer who has eagerly parted with their hard earned cash.

Think about how many genuine prospects say ‘NO’ in your business. I’m not talking about tire kickers. We all get those type of people. Let’s say that for every 10 genuine ‘NO’ prospects . . . you found out their ONE & ONLY reason for not buying.

How many do think you could convert to happy customers?

What if  you could convert 2 or 3?

What would that do to your business?

Some business owners would double or triple their Gross Sales & their actual bottom line profits would go bananas!

Now I don’t know your figures so you’ll have to do the math yourself . . . I’ll bet that you would be pretty excited
about turning more prospects into paying customers.

The important point to remember is this. When you turn ‘no’ prospects into customers . . . your sales increase yet your fixed overheads (your Operating Expenses) rarely increase because you already had to pay them anyway.

Which means any actual profit from these sales goes straight to your bottom line.

Years ago, once I knew the formula, I turned a ‘NO’ into into a ‘YES’, After finding out my prospects ONE & ONLY Objection . . . I said something like this -

‘So what you’re telling me Mr. Prospect is this, if I satisfy your (his reason) and put your mind at ease . . . you  will proceed?”

To which he replied – “YES!”

The result was a happy customer who was worth $4,000to me for the first sale. More business followed within 6 months, worth much more.

The best part was . . . this was the result from converting just one no to a yes.

Imagine if I’d just accepted the ‘NO’ decision.

This is an area I have fine tuned ever since and it’s something you should look at too.

I cover this in every detail for you. You have 6 months to put me to the test.


“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed”.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

PS. When you want to turn a ‘NO’ prospect into a ‘YES’ customer,and get more sales, go on over to:


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