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This is blunt so you have been told.

Back in March of this year, I spoke at the Canada Marketing Summit. During my presentation, I asked attendees to stand up if they actually wrote more than 10 headlines when creating sales copy.

One lone man stood up out of approx. 100 people in the room. He said he did a max. of 20 headlines which is still way too few and costing him sales.

No surprise for me.

Seriously, you would have thought I asked people to stand up if they had a Venereal Disease – such is the blatant lack of respect for their own products, services and more importantly, their customers.

Next, I asked, stand up if you write between 5 to 10 headlines, 4 more people stood up. Out of about 100 people, only 5% bothered to get off their lazy asses and crank out more than 5 headlines.

Is it any wonder why people are starving more than a homeless bum on the streets of LA.

Fair dinkum, it used to bother me when people were were so far up their own butts when it comes to their own copywriting abilities . . . they weren’t sure which end to stick their pen into.

Now . . . I just laugh at them.

Time has long gone where I give a toss because these pretend people are simply not serious about success.

No exceptions.

No excuses.

A few weeks ago, I was speaking at another event and asked the same questions with almost identical results.

Funny part is, I started to laugh so bloody hard, my sides hurt.


I was able to see their questionnaire’s with one question being to rate their own skills out of 10 when it comes to copy.

I gave myself an 8 as I will forever be a keen student.

Some people rated themselves the same, one person even gave himself a 9 and approx. 40% of the attendees rated themselves so high, I thought they must have been high like Cheech and Chong because all I can say, after looking at many of their websites is this . . .

Denial is not just a river in Egypt!

So, what about YOU?

Be honest with yourself.

How many headlines do you write?

Regardless of your answer, you should be cranking out 150 to 200 headlines, following the 12 rules, the 8 different types and then going through the 9 point checklist.

Worse case – do 50!

If you are not doing this many, I can absolutely say with certainty – you are leaving money on the table. 90% of your buyers decision is won or lost in your headline.

Your only job of your headline is to get your next sentence read, nothing more, nothing less.

Many times, I have simply tweaked a headline or created new ones for my customers and their sales have increased 300%, 800% or more.

Go figure.


With headlines being so critical, even if you simply put in the effort just on creating headlines which hook your prospects into your copy and compel them to keep reading, you will boost sales.

YOU have a choice:

1) Do nothing and continue to be in denial.
2) Get me to crank out some kick ass headlines for you.
3) Express your interest in my new online headline workshop.
4) Invest in my persuasive writing sells course which will
have you cranking out killer headlines in a matter of days.

For options 2-4, simply send an email to: and let me know your thoughts – I will reply to you.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. if you are not cranking out 150-200 headlines for your
copy – then we need to talk.

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