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Sorrow and grief are inevitable in your life.

No one is immune – they are inescapable, from the moment you are born, you will eventually die and your parents, siblings, close friends and everyone you know in your life, will die, and YOU will experience grief from the loss of a loved one.

You can also experience sorrow and grief when your family pet dies, this is no different.

When you can admit this to yourself 100%, you will then be able to roll with the the hard knocks and body blow punches when they come into your life, giving you the ability to recover more quickly.

Sorrow can serve a highly useful spiritual purpose in your life. Sorrow can break your old, unproductive habits and thoughts and seeking you free on so many levels.

You can condition your mind to accept humility.

Sorrow is also a medicine for your soul and your mind, smashing down the many obstacles and barriers which usually stand between you and the phenomenal spirit which lies dormant within you.

Many people build up so many barriers, they build a ‘Great Wall of China’ around themselves to protect themselves from the pain, grief and sorrow in their lives.

For me personally, I admit I have done this in the past and still do have a few ‘Great Walls’ standing.

So, how do you smash down the ‘great wall’ surrounding your mind and fragile heart?

The same way I do – by removing one brick at a time.


Fine steel is made by a repeated process of heating the metal then chilling it. When this is done, instead of breaking under adversity, the steel becomes tempered to even greater toughness, a toughness which will not break in any circumstances.

You need to develop your own fine steel.

In your times of your deepest sorrow – Infinite Intelligence reveals itself to you allowing you to create your own fine steel in your mind, making you stronger.

Your prayers become more effective which brings you positive spiritual results as well as solace. Only when you can compare your depths of misery, can you measure your degree of happiness under normal circumstances in your life.

You can turn sorrow into one, huge, mighty power of goodness when you transform it into constructive actions which change your way of life. Sorrow’s influence over a person’s life can and has changed bad people (criminals etc.) into good people, alcoholics get reformed, people who abuse others or beat up their kids stop, change and NEVER do it again.

People with enormous egos and vanity can discover the need for humility and grow forward from there. Other people, who have lost a loved one, often go on to help other people who are experiencing similar circumstances in their lives and so on.

When you can lift humanity to it’s highest plane of intelligence, your creator wisely gives you the capacity for sorrow to ensure you use your superiority moderately and with infinite wisdom.

A person who is considered abnormal by society due to crimes committed, sadistic people, murderers, rapists, serial killers and the like, can prove to be highly intelligent however they totally lack any capacity for sorrow.

When you develop a great capacity for sorrow, you then also give yourself permission and the potential capacity for genius – provided you understand your sorrow as a ‘welcome source of discipline’ instead of treating it as an ‘excuse for self-pity’.


If you reflect on the 9/11 twin towers tragedies and the enormous loss of life – this adversity served to unite people from all walks of life, bring them closer together which renewed people’s spirits for helpfulness and unity.

There are many such events in this world which have done the same, some small, other of gigantic proportions. When you are in your deepest sorrow, you will discover immense powers of courage, powers you never knew existed and your faith will help you to overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life. For many, it will be like water running of a ducks back.

To help you overcome the dangerous trap of self-pity, simply seek out someone who has a greater cause for sorrow than your own.  By helping him or her to meet their sorrow bravely and master it, you will discover your sorrow has melted away like ice in the harsh Australian outback . . . all due to the warmth of your love for others.

In the last 10 days, since revealed my own almost suicide story, many people have revealed to me in private, aspects of their own lives which has either caused them grief and sorrow and for some, still does. The courage it took just to do this, shows enormous character. Some of my friends have revealed parts of their lives they have not shared with anyone, not even their spouse.

Their pain touched me in many ways.

I simply replied, offered words of support, warmth and to let them know they can call me at anytime of the day and night if they need to. What this showed me . . . and smacked me between my own eyes was there were people out there, people I either knew or were one of my subscribers, facebook friends or social media friends who had a greater cause to master their own sorrow than I did.

When people, whom I have never had any contact from in my life, can feel the humility to share some very private and inner most pain with effectively a stranger, all due to the fact I bared my own ass to the internet world about parts of my own life – then imagine what you can do to.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. Sorrow like adversity and defeat, brings with it the seed of equivalent joys in your life. Look for your sorrow seed until you can clearly see it, then water it, nurture it, help your sorrow seed develop until it turns into triumph for you.

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4 Responses to Sorrow Can Be YOUR Blessing in Disguise

  • Laura says:

    Interesting post — every read any C.G. Jung? He is famous for saying that neurosis is a substitute for legitimate suffering.

  • Tom Bice says:

    Sorrow can be a seed for change and happiness in your life. Trevor, you have written a masterpiece! Keep up the great work that you do!

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    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks
    for the info!

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