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Yes, I’m tired, cranky but I had to tell you this now.

I am tired due to lack of sleep, as I have slept 5 hours in 2 days so I am more like a grizzly bear with a hangover and I am getting crankier by the minute yet I feel compelled to write this now.

I am removing all liability from what I say here due to sleep deprivation.

Read on at your own risk.

It’ll be worth it.

I was talking to a new client recently about a few aspects when he casually mentioned he was paying $500 per month for yet another ‘magic’ pill which some bloody guru wanker had paid a kick butt copywriter to create a sizzling sales letter which was more slick than paddock full of B.S.

My new client, like so many newbies online simply wanted to start making enough to not just buy an ice cream – he wanted to make a living.

He had been struggling for a couple of years, investing in enough magic pills to start his own drug store, hoping one day, the product would deliver instead of leaving the foul taste which went with those B.S. letters.

I asked questions and probed him to find out just what the heck was worth so much to him per month, considering he wasn’t making a cracker yet and really never had. Yes, there are many things worth that and more. NOT this stuff though.

When I found out, I was more stunned than a police taser gun victim who had just received a full blast from 6 new rookies.

Now, guru wankers and magic pills have been around for ever and a day and they always will be because these scumbags prey on the unsuspecting victims emotional triggers and end up pulling them with all the force of Dirty Harry’s 44 magnum where instead of them saying – ‘go ahead make my day’ they said -

‘Go Ahead Sucker Make Me RICH and Be My Biatch!’

I spent 20-30 minutes consulting with my client, told him more in that time about what, where and actually how to do what he was trying to do – a truckload more than he had been shelling out 500 buckeroos a month for.

I didn’t bag the people concerned, I simply gave him sound mentoring which at the worse case, just saved him 6 grandidos per year. Not bad for a once off $197 investment.

I joked about making my own “magic pi`ll, shove it up your left nostril, as long as you buy my shit ’cause it will never work – but you will never know until it’s too late” cure all product – make a truckload of loot and then blame you when it doesn’t work and no you will not get a refund loser”.

As I said I joked about it.

The sad part is, 95% of people want this quick fix instead of getting off their as`s and doing some hard work and then reaping the rewards.

For the 5% who do though, they get real results and they will retire with abundance.

The 95% will retire dead broke.

The category which you will retire in is up to you and quite frankly, I do actually give a toss as I want you to be in the 5% and succeed like Greg Jackson.

“Trevor I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your quick and effective tips on copywriting that you teach in your courses and in your personal mentoring sessions.

With your guidance, my website is pulling literally three times the number of information requests as before and my sales have gone through the roof. With your easy to learn techniques, anyone who applies what you teach could earn many times the profit they currently make. You are the master my friend, thank you again.” – Greg Jackson.

If you want to continue to not make enough to buy an ice-ream, stop reading now, retreat to your safety zone and watch the world pass you by.

On the other hand, if want to be able to discover what Greg and many other smart people have, go on over to:

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I had to edit this twice before publishing, so you can imagine what I really wanted to say.

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