Examples of How to Hold a Sale”

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A few hours ago one of my valued friends (a newsletter subscriber) emailed a very good question to me and Damien asked me for the answer.

Rather than just let Damien benefit from my answer, I want you to as well.


“Can you Give Examples of The different Ways to Have a Sale?”


Too many to answer in one message. So, over the next week, I will give you a variety of examples.

Fair dinkum, there’s a jumbo-jet load of ways to hold a sale and so many ways to then make an offer.

Today, I will focus on your ‘offer’.


Yep, this sucks big time.

Especially the B.S. 20% off or 50% off type sales, which most dept. stores and business owners seem to run.

Sure they do work however, you can word them in such a way, they are more compelling to your prospects and customers and therefore gets the cash register going into overdrive.

Instead of 50% Off Sale . . . say:

“Pay Half Now and NOTHING Later”

Let’s say you have a $497 product and you decide to have a special at $197.

You can tell the story as to what you special is for and why and then point out to your prospects and customers they will save $300.

OR . . .

“Pay $197 Now and Pay Nothing Later”

OR . . .

Pay $197 Now and you Pay The Rest When you Think I Have Earned it”

OR . . .

Pay $197 Now and Pay The Balance When YOU Have Made 100 Times Your Investment”

Etc. etc.

Can you see how you can put a different slant on your sale price instead of typical boring crap?

Let’s say you are selling high end real estate.

Instead of dropping your pants and bearing your ass, think about other incentives and offer gifts of value which are more attractive to the eventual buyer.

In March I was asked to go and give my thoughts on a home for sale at $2.0 Mull~ion. The agent is a clueless.

After chatting with the owners and knowing they would drop $200k I said . . . why not offer a mercedes and a ski boat as this could be much more appealing to your buyer and you put at an extra $100k in your pockets.

I have heard of developers dropping prices by $250k when they could do something similar to what I am suggesting here, get more interest and get a better end price.


To see how I have tied in a family member to justify a sale, go to:


Dedicated to Kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. See the live example for you to model from at:


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