Diggstapo . . . The Term for Social Media’s Gestapo Called www.Digg.com

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Wikipedia has a meaning for Gestapo Tactics and I have now termed a meaning for Diggstapo Tactics. Before I reveal this to you . . . a little of ToeCracker’s Digg History.

I joined digg in July 2007 and started to become an avid user in late November, digging around 300 stories per day, supporting my friends submissions, commenting and getting front pages stories . . . after making a shit load of mistakes etc.

Digg became like a drug, an addiction to the point, where yes, I was a diggaholic under the name ToeCracker.

Back in March, I heard of a script which would allow me to digg faster, which from a time management perspective, made a shit load of sense. I also understood this script was part of Digg’s API and as I wasn’t digging anymore stories each day, simply taking back some of my valuable time, I used it.

I had dugg over 66,000 stories, over 1,000 comments and had 149 front page submissions at the time I got my ass banned Friday week ago . . . banned even though I had removed the script approx. 4 weeks earlier when the shit hit the fan and about 80-100 diggers got banned.

When I removed the script, I went back to the labor intensive task of digging the old way, hitting the link, speed reading the description, adding a comment and + others if I chose to. In the prior 4 weeks to getting banned, I had taken time off from nearly all social media to take some ‘ME’ time.

I had 2 short bursts on digg. The 2nd one, only 2 days before I was banned and the actual day before I was banned, I sat there for about an hour, catching up on my diggs to be met with the WARNING:

“Whoa their cowboy, itchy trigger, digging so fast is lame, how about you read some stories” and this pissed me off no end.

How pathetic is a site like digg, when you can digg too fast by hand, I mean WTF! So, I sent an email to digg, asking them to explain why they can dictate to me the time it takes for me to read a description on a story and decide to digg/bury etc.  Nothing I was doing was illegal and against their B.S. TOS.

As usual, digg didn’t reply. The next day I was banned without warning and when I emailed them 2 times, I was basically told to go screw myself as they suspected I had used a script and banned me, then they pointed me to 2 blog posts about scripts etc.

Their 2nd email suggested they would be going over power profiles logs and deciding if people would be banned.

I admitted to them my error in using a script, which I thought was in terms of their API etc. and as soon as I knew it wasn’t, I removed it. They simply banned me, like they have done to so many others and will continue to do so.

Life goes on and personally digg can go take a screw themselves and it seems they are doing a very good job of this anyway . . . just ask Google.


“The Diggstapo has the authority to investigate treason, espionage and sabotage cases by way of script usage, and in cases of personal attacks on the Kevin Rose and his bum chums. A law passed by Kevin Rose gives the  Diggstapo carte blanche to operate without judicial oversight.

The Diggstapo is specifically exempted from responsibility to administrate correct judgment, answer people with respect and to ban anyone’s ass from digg for absolutely ANY reason or even No reason at all.

The power of the Diggstapo most open to misuse is called ‘BanzingYourAss’ – a euphemism for the power to ban digg users without judicial proceedings or a chance to explain their case. The person banned – simply disappears from Digg without a trace under Diggstapo policy . . . although the Diggstapo team is well aware these banned diggers simply get a new IP address and create a new account where we only have one thing to say to the Diggstapo Team . . . ScrewYouDiggstapo!

Life goes on and it has. I will simply do more Mixx, Stumble and Reddit.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.

PS. I have made so many great friends through Social Media and I look forward to continuing our friendship.

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12 Responses to Diggstapo . . . The Term for Social Media’s Gestapo Called www.Digg.com

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  • reland1 says:

    It breaks my heart that so many of my friends have been and are being banned. We need to take our digging fun elsewhere. When ya’ll settle on a place..please let me kno. Reland1 on Digg and Mixx ~Relandee on Stumbleupon.

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  • Four20 says:

    We will miss you Trevor. I can only imagine how much extra time you’ll have on your hands(if they banned me I would gain an extra 1-2 hours a day).

  • polymath22 says:

    if you are a banned digger, or a digger who wants to follow the mass exodus of talent out of digg, i recommend giving mixx a try. don’t make a snappy judgement about the site. most users agree that the more you use it, the more you like it. you can build your own (sub domain) community, which i find very useful for the projects im working on.

    digg is yesterdays news. there are many exciting developments happening on other websites that digg just cant compete with.

    hope to see you on mixx!

  • Livingstrong says:

    I was banned as well for liking Digg so much and reading many of the articles published there. It was unfair. They didn’t even give me a warning.
    Right now I am on Yahoo Buzz, Stumble Upon and Mixx, and I’m having lots of traffic and friends from them.
    See you all there!

  • mike says:

    Hey Toe,

    I miss your stupid shouts. I love to devour all your info. Why don’t you scrounge us up some good traffic sources and I’ll follow you there. My uberazzi entertainment site is feeling the pinch!

    Keep up the great blog post,

  • EmitStop says:

    I’m a bit scared that digg will ban me soon, it seems like its right around the corner. I don’t use scripts, but with the way digg is being run atm, I really wouldn’t be surprised. Happy Digg Blog Day.

    I definitely look forward to diggstapo.com

  • Claudia says:

    Hey, got a whole CracKPedia to edit… Long to see how it develops! But really, I can only say I am Digg Free and after being a bit painful for the first days, it seems now a blessing!
    Now I bet you have a lot more of time for browsing around and even living offline! (I have more, and I am a small crumble compared to your digg habits =D)

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  • jacksab says:

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