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WARNING: Frank Kern is an Asshole and this article may offend some whiners so if you get upset by a few words of mine, don’t read this.

I do suggest though, failure to read this will be a HUGE error on your part.

Fair dinkum, Frank Kern is an absolute asshole and it’s his bloody fault for what I am about to do. As for you, due to Frank ‘Beach Bum’ Kern, you will benefit from the ass kicking he gave me, so bear with me here.

More about why I think Frank Kern’s an asshole in a minute.

I first met Frank at the very first underachiever’s seminar which was held Down Under in August 2004. I was a guest of Frank and his then sidekick, Ed ‘Tubby Nerd’ Dale.

When they decided to do the 2nd one in Melbourne, with John Reese a few months later, I was again invited as as guest by Ed Dale, however as I was speaking at another event alongside Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Matt Furey and Bill Glazer, I couldn’t make it.

What I did get to do though, after this event, was write the sales letter for Frank and Ed’s Undiesipack which was the DVD’s etc. from the 2 events.

Back then Frank Kern was a funny bastard. Fast forward to today and he still is however, he’s also very smart, probably smarter than he was 4 years ago and his track record proves it plus he uses profanity almost as good as me.

When I first met him in Australia, he was so much like an Aussie, we should have adopted him!


So far, you are probably thinking, why did I call Frank an absolute asshole.

Good question.

One Answer.

The whole time I was watching Frank Kern’s Mass Control Syndicate DVD’s . . . his nuggets of pure gold were so spot on  . . . and to the point, I had to blatantly admit to myself, I have been wrong for years and clearly not doing what I should be to be on top of my game.

The verbal kicks in my own ass from watching Frank hurt so much I had almost had to stick my butt in a bucket of ice just to sit down for dinner.

The truth really hurt and WITHOUT knowing it, Frank ‘Beach Bum’ Kern had delivered more stinging blows to my ego and ass than I could ever get bending over touching my toes in front of Madam lash!


Due to my life changing experience in the last 24 hours, I am about to lock myself up in my room for a week or so and get cracking on some cool stuff which can change your life too.

In saying this, I will be sending you some great FREE tools over the week however while I have my head down here’s a chance for you to discover the key secret which myself and the Frank Kern’s of this world all know . . . you need ‘word magic’ to sell your stuff.


You may or may not be aware of the many successes Frank Kern has had with either his own products or writing the copy for quite a few of the BIG launches such as stompernet etc. The figure above is what Frank Kern has done either for himself or cracking out copy for others.

Watching the DVD’s of Frank, rammed home again what I already knew and you probably know it too yet for many of you, you are not doing it too bloody good and I mean your sales copy isn’t converting the way it should and for 99.87% of my list alone, their sales copy sucks so bad they do not make enough money to even buy an ice-cream.

Harsh . . . yet true.

Seriously, if you are not making the kind of sales you want to then it’s time to admit to yourself the truth, and get off your ass and finally do something about it because driving people to a site which has crap copy in a definition of insanity.

Email copy is no different. No point sending an email if the subject line is as lame as a one legged duck swimming in a crocodile infested creek.


For a few months now, some of my customers have been quietly doing my persuasive writing sells writing course. 27 Modules with videos, audio Mp3′s and a detailed workbook for each module . . . my complete blueprint to writing persuasive copy so you can choose to do the heck what you want to with your life.

The good aspect is, you can do this in your own time, no rush, simply start at Module 1 and go from there. When this event was done live, people paid $5,000 to attend and the good news for you is this, you can now grab the on-line version for $197 and get a bonus critique from me as well as my personal swipe file of proven adverts and letters.

Now to be fair to my people who have done the course already, I removed a couple of the bonuses they got when they paid $447, so you won’t get my Judgment Day Course etc.

I really suggest you go and read what the letter is about and absorb the proof from the testimonials on the site as the 5 minutes you invest reading will change your life as long as you take action and don’t procrastinate as I will only leave this site up for up to 72 hours max.

Go on over to:

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.”


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. You can get my complete copywriting formula, 27 modules on video, audio, workbooks, get access almost immediately (I will need to activate you once you reserve your spot) for less than $200.

Go to:

PPS. Frank ‘Beach Bum’ Kern isn’t really an asshole, he’s a ripper of a bloke yet even he knows one of the key ingredients to any major launch or to your success comes down to your copy as well as your list.

PPPS. You may have the YING (the list) yet if you don’t have the YANG (persuasive sales copy) your chances of freedom, lifestyle and choosing what you want to do, will without a shadow of a doubt – fail.

Get your Yang. Go on over to:

PPPPS. If I happen to be grabbing some sleep when you reserve your spot, I will activate you as soon as I wake up.

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10 Responses to Frank Kern Kicked My Ass!

  • scott says:

    Ahem…… if you are a copywriter shouldn’t your own copy at least be spell checked?

  • John Doe says:

    seriously, a harsh title with little proof but good pull to read it. Maybe that’s why you have to use Franks name for traffic during a launch.

  • Everytime I read one of these plugs for Kern I smell BS.

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  • Judson says:

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