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Watch Your Bark!

This is the last of the 5 Wheelerpoints, and upon its proper execution hinges the test of how much your sales words will succeed or fail – for your VOICE is the ‘carrier’ of your message!

The finest ‘sizzle’ you can telegraph in ten words in ten seconds, with a huge bouquet of ‘flowers’ and lots of ‘Which’, ‘When’, ‘Where’, and ‘How’, FLOPS if the your voice FLAT.

It is not necessary or advisable to be an actor and elocute – however a PROPER TONE of VOICE carries the message swifter and TRUER to the other person with least ‘static’.

‘His Master’s Voice’

Consider how much the little dog can express with just one word and one tail to wag! What he can do with the tone of his “woof” and the wag of his tail in conveying his many messages is well worth emulating!

Watch the ‘bark’ which can creep into your voice! Watch the ‘wag’ behind your words!

Don’t Be a ‘Johnny-One-Note’

Train your voice to run its entire scale of tones. Read a book out loud to yourself at night. Cup your hands behind your ears and hear yourself talk.

This is excellent drilling in how to pitch your voice properly. Avoid a mechanical, monotonous voice. Inflect! Emphasize! Lower – raise – talk slowly – then speed up dramatically. Vary the tempo of your words! This makes you interesting to the listener.

Don’t be a ‘Johnny-one-note’

Discover how to highlight your sales points by playing the full “organ” of your vocal chords – the entire range! Not just one note!

Be the director who can go from instrument to instrument.

Above all, avoid tone and voice peculiarities which attract attention to themselves – rather than to your message.

Here are a few examples to illustrate this point:

Smile When You Say These – And Reach For The “Dotted Line”

“This will shorten your cleaning time by hours.”

“You have only one back – one life to live.”

“If men did the cleaning, we couldn’t make these cleaners fast enough.”

When Nellie Says, “I’ll Think It Over,” . . . Wag These Words At Her:

“Think also of the DIRT that is ruining your rugs.”

“Think also of the MANY BACKACHES still in store for you.”

When Nellie Says, “I’ll Buy Later,” Telegraph These Messages:

“Would you continue to use a toaster which didn’t work?”

“Would you use a washing machine which left clothing dirty?”

“What will you SAVE yourself by buying later – not your rugs or back –  just two dimes a day!”

Summary Of Wheelerpoint 5

Have the “voice with the smile” – however the smile which hasn’t the insincerity of being automatically “turned on” for the immediate benefit of the prospect.

Don’t ever smile insincerely, like the wolf at Red Riding Hood’s door!

If you fail to smile, if you stick your chin out, or if you look grim, down and out, tired, bewildered, scared, or overly confident, you are SIGNALING to your prospect to BEWARE!

The last principle, therefore, to make your sales talk “stick” is to watch HOW you say it. So apply Wheelerpoint 5, “Watch Your Bark,” and then watch your sales go merrily down the road to SUCCESS!

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. The 5 Wheelerpoints are from a Elmer Wheelers ‘Tested Sentences That Sell . . . a 10 year word study, testing 105,000 words and phrases on over 19 million people. To discover more go to:

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