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“SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” simply means PROVE your words, either verbal or written!

“Happy returns of the day,” when accompanied by flowers, proves you MEAN it!

The flowers in his right hand as he proposes tell her MORE than the mere words from his lips.

Below Are 31 Tested Tips to Help YOU Increase YOUR Sales:

8 Unprofessional Mannerisms Which Kill Sales
5 “Telegrams” Which Lack Action and Drama
5 Sentences Which Suggest YOUR Prospect See your Competitor:
8 Opening Words Which Kill Your Sales
5 “Comic Valentine” Techniques Which Lose You Sales

You have just ten short seconds and two able hands to sell your prospect in a face to face situation – and so you must FORTIFY your words with performance!

Online, you have just 50 milliseconds to grab your prospects attention before they decide to stay on your website or banish you to that dung heap in cyberspace, leaving your website an never returning.

You must back up your selling “sizzles” with showmanship!

I do not mean you should be an insincere actor, but I do mean that your words deserve the support of your gestures and facial expressions. Your words will get much better results if SUPPORTED than if left hanging mid-air to themselves, no matter how good the words may be.

You know how little the perfunctory “Thank you” of some people means to you. It lacks the
reinforcement of sincerity.

Synchronize Your “Sizzles” with Showmanship.

Fitting action to your words is the third “earmark” in making a sale “stick” with your prospect.

Talk with your hands? Yes – why not? – if you can use them in a dignified manner. Gesture with them – keep them busy. Pat them – rub them – move them – start them – stop them! Show them action and you will get action.

Make your prospect SEEFEELTOUCHHANDLE – almost SMELL and TASTE your sales package and the things they will be heirs to upon placing their approval on the dotted line or their money into your palm!

Make your hands earn a living for you!

In an online sales situation or a sales letter scenario, make your written words do the same even though you can not use your hands.

How to Sell With “Flowers”

To keep unity in our examples of these five Wheelerpoints, let me stay with the vacuum cleaner, in illustrating this point. How to apply these same five points to other products will be illustrated in later chapters.

“Flowers” Which Go Over with Vacuum Cleaner Buyers:


Run Cleaner under table or into dark corner, point to Dirt Finder, turn switch on and off to dramatize the light and say:

“It sees where to clean – and it’s clean where it’s been.”


Step on Automatic Rug Adjuster. Invite prospect to do likewise (monkey-see, monkey-do instinct). Then say:

“It automatically ADJUSTS itself to any thickness of rug.”


Push cleaner away from you, maintaining your hold on cord. Then pull it back to you lightly, saying:

“It has BALL-BEARING action – a child can move it!

It’s the little aspects you do as you “speak your lines” which make the sale stand out. The movement of your hands, your head, your feet, and your pencil tells the prospect you are sincere – honest – convincing!

Your face is the prospect’s most reliable mirror.

But never, NEVER lose a sale because of an “unprofessional mannerism.”

8 Unprofessional Mannerisms Which Kill Sales:

1. “He moved listlessly, pointing aimlessly.”

2. “He leaned on the counter and talked to me and to the next customer.”

3. “He was slow and yawned several times in my face.!

4. “He gazed into space, answering my questions.”

5. “He became antagonized by my many questions.”

6. “He got irritated when I didn’t understand quickly.”

7. “His fingernails were shabby; so were his shoes.”

8. “He kept reaching for his order book, trying to high-pressure me.”

5  “Telegrams” Which Lack Action and Drama:

1. “It keeps the home clean.” (But how?)

2. “It’s a good investment.” (In what way?)

3. “It’s a good buy.” (All salesmen say that.)

4. “You’ll like it.” (I will?)

5. “I like it.” (So what – ?)

5 Sentences Which Suggest YOUR Prospect See your Competitor

1. “Listen to me – you just can’t go wrong on this.”

2. “Yeah, but theirs is no good.”

3. “I wouldn’t depend on what their salesman said.”

4. “I know my business. It don’t use up much electricity.”

5. “It’s not heavy – I can lift it – see?”

 8 Opening Words Which Kill Your Sales

1. “Look … ”

2. “Listen … ”

3. “See …”

4.”I’m telling you …”

5. “You see what I mean?”

6. “Take my word for it.”

7. “Between you and me …”

8. “Don’t let this go any farther, but … ”

5 “Comic Valentine” Techniques Which Lose You Sales


The salesman made three attempts to explain the Handy Cleaning Kit.
He failed each time because he wasn’t thoroughly familiar with the attachments.


The salesman just pointed to the instrument, trusting the prospect would be worked up over it “long distance” instead of “telegraphically.”


The salesman leaned on the counter, talking with the palm of one hand.


The salesman had some peculiar habit, such as picking his teeth, or scratching his head.


The salesman tossed the illustrated booklet in front of the prospect, hoping she would open it up and see the things in the booklet which might interest her.

Summary of Wheelerpoint 3:

A good single sentence should reinforce “Tested Words” with “Tested Techniques.”

The MOTION which accompanies utterance of words – the expression on your face at the time and the manner in which the “sales package” is handled – are a part of your successful sales presentation.

Say it quickly – but say it with gestures.

Then, if possible, make the prospect imitate what you have done. Make him/her a part of your “show.” It’s the MONKEY-SEE, MONKEY-DO instinct in the buyer.


If you want your selling words to “ring the bell” twice as hard, follow Wheelerpoint 3, and “SAY IT WITH FLOWERS” – and don’t ask your prospect IF he/she wants to buy, but HOW and WHEN and WHERE and WHICH, the technique of closing a sale, which you will discover in Wheelerpoint 4, in my next article.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS.  “Say It With Flowers” is part 3 of the 5 Wheelerpoints from the book  – Tested Sentences That Sell by Elmer Wheeler.  I have updated the point to reflect the internet.  Be sure to get Part 4 tomorrow.

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