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Your First 10 Words Are More IMPORTANT Than YOUR Next 10,000 Words!

If you are old enough to remember ever sending a telegram, where you paid for every single letter/character and  you had to telegraph your message in a such a succinct way to not only get your message understood, you also wanted to keep your costs down.

You had no room for waffle or fluff. You had to get to the point – fast!

Today, on the internet, if you do a Google adword campaign, you have restrictions, 25 characters for your headline and 35 characters for your 2 lines which means you must cleary ‘telegraph’ your message to entice prospects to click your ad and go to your website.

Your salespeople can be the strong or the weak link in your company’s sales chain. If one link of a chain will hold fifty pounds, another thirty pounds, and another six pounds, altogether the chain can support only six pounds – the “holding power” of the weakest link.

It is like building a beautiful, sleek $200,000 automobile.

You can have the finest body engineers can create; a powerful twin turbo charged engine
under the shiny hood; stylish, leather upholstery, slick tires, and a gas tank filled with gasoline, yet the automobile will fail to start if some comparatively insignificant part in the ignition system fails to function.

So it is with a manufacturer, distributor, retailer or an entrepreneur.

They can employ high-salaried executives to direct their business; they can staff theirs organization with the best creative, merchandising and advertising brains, yet their ultimate success is in the hands of their sales organization.

It is the salesman who is the real boss – the real cog in the machine.

What he or she says and does as he or she faces their prospects and your customers is
vitally important to the success of your business. And their success depends, to a great extent, upon the words he or she uses in the field of selling.

On the internet, this is no different. Your written words will determine your sales.

Below is part 2 on Tested Sentences That Sell. Back in 1937 Corporations throughout America commissioned Elmer Wheeler to set up his “Word Laboratories” and find out winning sentences to sell their goods. Wheeler realized it was the sales people in the stores who weren’t asking the right questions to their customers.

Wheelerpoint 2: Don’t Write – Telegraph


Get Your prospects IMMEDIATE and FAVORABLE attention in the fewest possible words. If you don’t make your first message “click,” . . . your prospect will leave you mentally, if not physically.

A good sales presentation should use as few words as possible. Any word which does not help to make the sale endangers the sale. Therefore, make every word count by using “telegraphic” statements, as there is no time for “letters.”

Discover the WORD  MAGIC of making your “selling sentences” sell!

How to Approach Your Prospects

People form ‘snap judgments.’ They make up their opinions about you in the first ten seconds, and this affects their entire attitude toward what you have to sell them. Give them a brief “telegram” in these first ten seconds so their opinion will be in your favor. Make the wires “sing” – so you, will be given the chance to “follow up.”

Wheeler found after analysing 105,000 sales words and techniques and actually noting the results of tests of them on 19,000,000 people, this is the “magic” used by most star salesmen who make single sentences sell!

For this example of this Wheelerpoint, let me again go back to the vacuum cleaner,
(Wheelerpoint 1) and remembering the ten “sizzles” in this cleaner, let us see how we can formulate a couple of them into ten-second “telegrams.”

Here’s a recap of the 10 sizzles for the vacuum cleaner:

See how many “sizzles”  we can develop to get the prospect saying “I want!” instead of “Oh hum!”:

1. Positive Agitation.
2. Time-to Empty Signal.
3. Dirt Finder.
4. Automatic Rug Adjuster.
5. Non-kink Cord.
6. Instant Handle Positioner.
7. Non-tangle Revolving Brush.
8. Grit Removers.
9. Lint Removers.
10. Dust Removers

“The Grit Removers take out dirt you never knew you had.”

“You may forget to clean the bag, but the Time-to-Empty Signal won’t forget to remind you.”

Summary of Wheeler Point 2

A good sales presentation consists of as few words as possible.

Telegrams which click Open your prospect’s Mental Pocketbooks and their wallets!

If you hem and haw the “sizzle,” you will make few sales, for your prospects will walk away from you or complain that you are high-pressuring them!



Therefore, make your FIRST words make FIRST impressions by not STAMMERING and STUTTERING when you face your prospects. They make “snap judgments” of you and your products or services by “sizing you up” with your first ten words.

It doesn’t matter if you are face to face sales, selling online, your first 10 words are critical. Bore your prospects for even a nano-second and you lose them forever.

First you use judgment in picking the right “sizzle,” and then you fit it to your prospect at hand. You dress up the “sizzle” in a ten-second message and practice Wheelerpoint 2, “Don’t write – TELEGRAPH.”

The technique which goes with what you say will then come to you naturally and easily, as you  will discover in the next Wheelerpoint.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. The next Wheelerpoint is on . . . ‘Say It With Flowers’. For more information on tested sentences, go to:

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