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Yet another classic article from Long Lost Advertising Secrets.

A Lesson In Salesmanship At The Seashore.

Selling is like fishing.

You must bait your hook with the food your prospect likes, not what you like or assume they like.

After you read this story, you will understand.

FLUKE ARE FISH caught in salt water, and they are quite abundant around Long Island. It is an interesting sport at times, although fluke are lazy fish.

They are thin and wide. Some people call them ‘door mats.’

They are white on the bottom and dark on the top.

This is for protection. The dark top is invisible from above the fish.

The fluke swims close to the bottom of the sea.

It is easy-going and is influenced by the tides. When the tide begins to flow, the fluke is stirred up, permits itself to move in the direction of the tide.

To catch the fluke, you attach a live killie, a small fish about two or three times the size of a minnow, by its tail to a hook with a three-foot leader and a sinker which takes the killie down close to the bottom of the sea.

The killie swims around trying to get away from the hook which is holding it by its tail. The fluke opens its mouth, takes the killie’s head, and holds it for several minutes.

The fisherman doesn’t realize this.

After a while the fisherman becomes restless and begins moving the line up and down and the killie begins to slide out of the fluke’s mouth. The fluke is evidently warned it’s going to lose the killie and so he takes the killie entirely into its mouth.

Hooking The Fluke

If the fisherman stops moving the line, the fluke continues to hold the killie in its mouth, however if the fisherman again moves the line, the fluke becomes fearful of losing the nice morsel and swallows the killie entirely.

He is then hooked.

Now the experienced fisherman knows this eating habit of the fluke. He raises his anchor and allows his boat to drift with the tide, so the killie is drifting on the sea bottom when it comes upon a lazy fluke.

The fluke takes hold of the killie’s head, immediately feels the killie start drifting away, and, fearing he will lose his bait, swallows it and is hooked.

Therefore, if you want to catch fluke, keep the line moving up and down. Drift with the tide and you will float by the lazy fluke. On the other hand, if you let the bait alone, the fluke will merely hold onto the killie, and perhaps decide to release it.

It’s exactly the same principle when selling your products and or services!

How true this principle is in selling an idea to your prospects, existing customers or in selling anybody anything. Let them feel you are overly anxious, let them feel the supply is unlimited, and they will postpone investing.

When you let them taste what you have to offer, then start pulling your bait away from them – watch certain types of people make a lunge and get caught in your sales trap.

There comes a time in many a negotiation when it is advisable to remove your offer, explaining how the time limit is up and you must offer it elsewhere.

This is the point where many people will buy from you – quickly.

If you let your prospect feel other people are bidding for your services or want your products, their interest will be aroused.

People want what other people want.

It’s a human trait.

Now you can get your fish with the correct bait . . . every time.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
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