“8 Little Words Which Saved Business Profits”

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Amazingly, people constantly get blown away by the fact it can take just one or 2 possible minor changes to the words which you use, in any part of your life – to get a major change in your results. The sooner people get this idea super-glued into their brains . . . the better their advertising and marketing will be . . . and the more sales and profits they will enjoy for their business.

I was reading through ‘Long Lost Advertising Secrets’ when I came across a story worth quoting to you.

How a hotel stopped its guest’s practice of removing pictures from the walls of rooms – saving its profits.

THIS IS A SHORT, simple story.

It seems a Midwestern hotel man hit upon an idea to keep ‘art lovers’ from packing the pictures on the walls of the rooms into their trunks and suitcases, before leaving the hotel.

People have a ‘souvenir complex’ which prompts them to carry mementos away from hotels with them, in memory of good times. These people are hard to deal with and every hotel man worries about them. He knows he cannot come right out and say – ‘I believe one of our pictures is in your suitcase by mistake madam’. This would be embarrassing to the person.

Besides, she might spend many hundreds of dollars in the hotel every year and what is a $2.50 wall picture worth compared to such money! It is the constant trouble of replacing the pictures which annoys many a hotel manager.

It is a source of petty irritation.

This problem had always remained unsolved – until the hotel man struck upon an idea.

It took just eight little words.

Now when a hotel guest takes a picture from the wall, he or she finds a blank space with bright RED lettering saying – ‘A Picture Has Been Taken From This Wall’.

As you can read, it was something so simple and so powerful it stopped theft and saved profits.

Ask yourself this question:

“What can you change in your business advertising and marketing, which may only be one word or several words which can ignite your sales and profits fast?”

YOU will have many such possibilities which are more obvious to you than a nosebleed on a white tissue – if you will only allow yourself the chance to open your eyes and mind far enough for you to see them.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed!

Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

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4 Responses to “8 Little Words Which Saved Business Profits”

  • When speaking with clients, I avoid using words like Problem, replace it with Challenge. Rather than using I, try to incorporate We. Small things like this goes a long ways.

  • Jon says:

    But this doesn’t make sense: take someone whose *repeat* custom you valued: “she might spend many hundreds of dollars in the hotel every year”.

    Would they *really* come back to a place that’s so tight (as they might see it) and has *such* a theft problem (not exactly a great recommendation for a hotel) that they had to write “U R A THEIF!!” in large letters on the (admittedly normally invisible) wall?

    I don’t think so. I think this method probably stopped the picture theft with *exactly* the same effect as confronting the thief – i.e. that they don’t come back – but with the minutely small advantage of avoiding a scene.

    The key is instrumentation: *measuring* stuff. The only true test here would be measuring repeat business before and after implementing this change, and plotting it relative to picture theft. You can’t improve what you can’t measure … :-)


  • JoshWink says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  • erichansa says:

    Haha. Ye, i remember a hotel I worked at did such similar thing.

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