Will The Real Pink Bunny Please Stand Up?

Will the real Pink Bunny please stand up . . . Pink Bunny Battery V Pink Bunny Battery!

I am sure you know which battery company has the pink bunny right?

Go on . . . which one is it?

When I ask audiences all over the world this question, I always get several answers. Sure, they know the little pink bunny which keeps on going on however at least 50% of them pick the wrong battery which means they have seen the adverts in newspapers, on TV etc. based on their perception and the pink bunny logo/mascot and end up buying the competitor’s batteries.


Heck even a couple of years ago . . . one battery company with a pink bunny did a TV commercial running a track race against . . . what else? . . . another Pink Bunny Battery.

The $1.4 Billion Marketing Campaign to Get Less People Buying The WRONG Batteries – WTF!

Back in the 1990′s from my research, one of the companies spent a staggering $1.4 billion dollars on Branding and Image Marketing as 52% of people who saw their adverts and commercials brought the wrong battery.

Their results?

After spending $1.4 Billion dollars they improved the result to only 41% of people still buying the wrong battery.

So ask yourself this question . . . if a company can spend this amount of money and 41% of people still get it wrong, do you think you have ANY real chance at all with your frilly, fancy, cutesy logo or other non compelling foolishness when it comes to marketing your business?

This is exactly why branding and image marketing sucks harder than a hooker on the strip in Vegas and it’s costing you sales.

You May as well Brand Your Logo on Your Ass . . .

Yes, you read right, if you foolishly believe your frilly, fancy, cutesy logo, the same one you spent truck loads of cash on with the graphic artist, who simply knew to stroke your ego . . . will brand your business and image then you are simply living in fantasy land.

When you want branding and image . . . you may as well brand your logo on your ass because it would probably get more exposure there and be more effective!

Okay, you are reading this, getting pissed off at such comments, your ego all wounded and all I can say to you is keep choking on it while you read this because I am 100% right and prove this time after time.

Your customers want benefits from you and for you to solve their problem, not shove a logo or your business name down their throats.

I have tested my written words which may look ugly . . . up against the glossy branding and logo type marketing and kicked it’s ass so hard every time. One time, against a world known, high profile person’s 2 page marketing letter, my client’s got an 800% increase in response from the letter I created for them.

The point is, it doesn’t matter which pink bunny is better, the facts are: even with the hundreds of millions to billions of marketing dollars wasted, people still get it way wrong and for the little guy in business, if you want to keep stroking your ego and waste your money, go ahead, make your competitor’s day.

Your Customers Do Not Care About Your Logo

Harsh yet true! The only person who give a rat’s ass about your logo is you if you are the business owner/s and or the ignorant fools in the corporate world who want their big fat heads, other parts of their anatomies and their egos stroked.

It’s this type of F.I.G.J.A.M. (Fuck I’m Good Just Ask Me) marketing which is costing business owners sales . . . because your customers do not give a damn what your business name is or what your logo looks like and NO . .. doing branding and image marketing will not work, they will not remember it.


Because unless you have McDonald’s, Coca Cola’s or Nike’s marketing budget you don’t stand a chance. These global companies spend fortunes on maintaining their branding and image and know all too well they must keep spending.

Unless you can get 100 people into a room, play word association about your product and or service and at least 80 people (80%) say your company name . . . then you are living life in a fantasy land, one which has zero chance of ever becoming
a reality.

Putting your Business Name and Logo at the top of your Marketing Material is Sales Suicide:

Following on from above, your prospects want to know why they should do business with you, over and above any and every other competitor within your industry, in other words they want to know what you can do for them, which
problem you can solve and when you do this, they will remember your business name and possibly your logo.

You must tune into your customers favorite radio station – W.I.I.F.M. which is: What’s In It For Me from their eyes.

I am sure when you went to your printer and graphic artist, they showed you samples and albums of other business people who were dumb enough to swallow the B.S. about branding and image . . . putting their business name and logo on top of everything from their business cards, to their letterhead and everything else.

This is wrong and it’s marketing incest at it’s best.

I challenge you to do a market test with 100 people, based on word association regarding your business and see for yourself just how many people say your business name or identify your logo. You would be flat out getting 8 people – let alone 80 people.

Dedicated to Kicking Your Ass Until You Succeed!


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook
PS. When my 4 year old son was in hospital one Christmas, at the kid’s party, a doctor started talking about hamburgers and fries etc. and asked the kids, about 60 of them, who it was . . . they all said McDonald’s! NOT one kid said Burger King or any other burger chain.

PPS. 100% said McDonald’s without the mention of: Ronald McDonald, the golden arches or any other aspect. Unless you can increase your pop-gun marketing budget to the size of a stealth bomber like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Nike . . . you may as well quit this type of institutional marketing while you are behind or simply go ahead and heat up your branding iron, bend over, drop your pants and stick your logo right on your ass for maximum exposure!

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6 Responses to Will The Real Pink Bunny Please Stand Up?

  • Erik Johnels says:

    A long time ago i Worked for Coca-Cola, one of their best performing ads was a lot of text about the company and product. without ever mentioning the name Coca Cola… They did have a faded silhouette of the Coke Bottle behind the text though.

    Product recognition on that ad. 99.2% – Go fig

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  • Nicholas Burman says:

    So, all logos are a waste of time? Everyone’s company should be printed at the bottom of documents in Impact Bold?

    You forgot to mention the SUCCESSFUL brands that are recognizable internationally and across all language and culture barriers. Apple, for one. And yes, Coca Cola is a great example. It’s the only two words you can speak in hundreds of languages and still be understood.

    But I agree. A “frilly, fancy, cutesy logo” will not get you any business or recognition. A powerful, effective, succinct and direct logo will.

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  • Douglas McGowan says:

    In my younger days I owned 12 Automobile Dealerships and we spent over 3 Million Dollars per year combined on advertising. Asking people from the general population in the Dealership Cities if they had EVER heard of ********** Company, resulted in 47% saying NO. Big waste of money!

  • Tomas Lenart says:

    Thanks Trevor for a nice article. This is one of the biggest misunderstandings in business world today.

    All the Marketing and Marcomm Managers are speaking about BRAND AWARENESS, BUILDING IMAGE and other empty words that came from “artistic” guys from agencies. BUT as a marketing manager, you are responsible (or at least you should be) for a certain level of Sales and Profit. If it´s like that and you have some budget for reaching these goals, you got to operate very effictively.

    And that´s what Trevor is writing about. Your ad hasn´t to be nice, it has to be sales generating tool. If it is 2 pages pure text ad looking like an article from your newspaper which can generate you sufficient number – KEEP DOING IT UNTILL IT´S PROFITABLE! And do not listen to your creative guy from Agency who want to do “something creative, extraordinary, award winning”

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