How To Get Great Testimonials Which Will Increase Your Sales

Testimonials have two main purposes for you to keep in mind:


They make your prospects less nervous about buying from you because he sees that people like him have used your product or service with success.

In a testimonial, a third-party is endorsing your product or service in their own words. This “endorsement” is much more credible and convincing than you praising your own product!


They get your prospects excited about buying your product or service because you use specific benefits in your testimonials.

You need to get more testimonials as they establish your credibility.

First, Here’s The 5 Types of Credibility You Can Use.

1. A testimonial from a well-known person in your niche or a celebrity.

2. A testimonial from a customer – especially if they can show some results.

3. A testimonial from a customer who has asked for a refund from you.

4. A testimonial from one of your affiliates.

5. You can use “before and after” pictures.

You can get more testimonials and it’s not a difficult thing to do. It’s up to you.

You can keep letting these “letters of gold” slip through your fingers, losing thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, or you can start acting like a marketing professional and get the testimonials which your quality product or service deserves.

If you’re like most businesses, you’d like to get more recommendations and testimonials from your past and present clients, because you know great testimonials are worth their weight in gold.

Gold which transforms a hesitant prospect into an instant buyer. By not getting testimonials you are throwing away certain income which you foolishly let slip away.

How can you stop losing these “letters of gold?”

The Great Testimonial Formula:

There is a specific formula for writing a testimonial which will help you relieve your prospects hesitation and fear of buying from you. I have revealed this formula in full detail.

This advice is practical, I use it most every day. There isn’t a month which goes by where I don’t get another 5 to 10 testimonials to use in my marketing. Once you’ve studied this article . . . the same will hold true for you.

I’ll also be revealing to you . . . different ways to use testimonials in your marketing which will help generate more business for you.

Testimonials are a great support element for successful marketing.

You really do need to have them.

My testimonials number in the hundreds. Having testimonials from a variety of industries and sources is a powerful selling tool, almost as good as word of mouth referral.

It may take some time for you to get this many testimonials . . . it’s well worth it.

Testimonials are valuable in both the business to business sales environment and the consumer world.

These ideas can make money for you, hundreds of dollars . . . even hundreds of thousands of dollars . . . I want to hear about your successes with testimonials.

Consider This Scenario

The sales went great for you. It’s three months later and your client is absolutely thrilled with his new purchase. The person who bought from you comes up and says – “Your product is fabulous … your product has saved us at least $1200 a month since we’ve had it . . . at this rate we’ll save a minimum of $20,000 this year thanks to you.”

So you take your pat on the back and jot down a note to call them for hopefully repeat business sometime down the road, right?



You spent a lot of time and a lot of money trying to get this client. They once were very worried about whether or not to even buy your product or service.

Now you’ve got to help other prospects (just like this new one used to be) understand there is no risk in doing business with you.

So you ask for the testimonial.

How though, do you ask for a testimonial?

It begins with you realizing . . . when you have a good product or service, you deserve solid testimonials. Believe you deserve them, and start asking for them!

Most business people find asking for and getting worthwhile testimonials a burdensome and undesirable task. They hate confronting people and asking for their help.

You need to realize . . . if you’ve done a good job, you should have no hesitation in asking for a testimonial.

Succeeding in getting testimonials starts with you becoming mentally resolved to get the testimonials to which you are entitled.


Why Should YOU Bother Getting Testimonials?

Most people don’t bother to get testimonials for two basic reasons:

Testimonials focus on the prospect and his needs, and not on the marketer.

Most marketers are terribly self focused and egotistical.

It can be a time consuming task to bother to get testimonials, especially good ones.

Getting testimonials which are of value can be troublesome. However – it won’t be too bad if you have a system for it . . . which you now hold in your hands!

Your contact with a client should not end the minute you get their check or credit card details etc. and the deal is done. Money is not all you want!

To get the types of testimonials which are going to be useful in your marketing you’re going to have to do these 3 strategies:

1. Contact your current and past customers

2. Ask for testimonials from every new client you get

3. Keep up with all customers and clients to find out what further benefits were derived from buying your product or service, if there were any.

If you succeed in these 3 areas, you can get testimonials which will help you to sell more of your product or service faster.

A good testimonial really is worth gold to you.

Just take a look at what a good testimonial will do for you:

You see, people work hard for their money (or at least they think they do) and they want to spend it. They really do want to spend it.

However . . . because of past foolish spending, people find themselves very hesitant to do so. They are nervous about letting go of their money because they’re afraid of being taken again.

A good testimonial will help you overcome both of these problems. A testimonial can get your prospect excited about buying (which is something he wants to do anyway) and it also reduces their anxieties about buying from you because he can read (or hear) about the success you’ve had with someone like him, through a testimonial.

Who needs testimonials?

No doubt, anyone who has any type of business could do better with testimonials. In my business I serve both small business owners, internet entrepreneurs and various size corporations.

Testimonials, both on video and on paper, have helped me close more than one deal . . . and tens of thousands of dollars worth of writing and consulting business.

My thinking is . . . you need testimonials whether you are a computer manufacturer or a janitorial service.

It will help to have testimonials for each major benefit you offer, or for each major anxiety you overcome. Different people buy for different reasons, and you need to have testimonials to motivate those people.

Good & Bad Testimonials

There is a difference between a good testimonial and a bad one.

Too many testimonials go something like this:

“We enjoyed your product.”

“Your sales people are really incredible.”

“I really liked how your product worked.”

These testimonials at first may look all right.

However . . . these testimonials are not pointing to any specific benefit that your prospect is hoping for when they buy your product or service.

Good testimonials come directly from benefits. And good testimonials reinforce specific benefits.

A wonderful exercise to do is this:

List every benefit your prospects gets from your product or service and then get a testimonial for each of these benefits.

OK. OK. I can hear you yelling, “ToeCracker . . . how am I going to do that!!??”

Not to worry … read on to discover how.

Getting A Testimonial For Every Major Benefit You Offer

There are other ways . . . however this is the simplest.

You can make an evaluation form which asks my customer what they thought of each benefit. After every time you provide a service . . . you give the customer a postage paid evaluation form to fill out if it’s offline, or direct them to where they can complete online.

Evaluation forms are wonderful … if your service or product is good, then evaluations are a real balm for the ego.

Better still . . . if you word them right, they will tell you why your prospects buy … a nice side benefit to be sure!

For example, in a copywriting evaluation form, I would put in questions like these:

1. Please rank in order of importance WHY you used my professional copywriting services:

I don’t have time to write advertising,
You make my job easy by doing all the writing for me,
You blah blah blah blah …
Other. Please specify:

You get the picture?

Now this stuff is nice to know, because it tells you why your customer bought from you. Or at least the biggest reasons why.

However . . . let’s relate this to testimonials.

Later on in the evaluation you put this:

In question #1 you ranked the main reasons why you took advantage of my services. Please explain how I “delivered” on these benefits.

Include any praise or suggestions for your reason #1, reason #2 and reason #3. (Refer to question #1).

Then you leave a big blank space for them to tell you how great you are concerning each specific benefit.

Does this work?

YOU BET IT DOES! I use it constantly, and so should you.

On the evaluation you should always end with a question along the lines of this:

IMPORTANT: Please summarize your feelings about my 1o0% guaranteed copywriting services and give any additional comments, suggestions, or praise.

Then leave another large blank space for them to write in their comments.

This will sometimes be left blank. Usually this is where you’ll get really strong testimonials.

After this question, have a place for them to sign the evaluation, and after they sign it, have two little tick boxes with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response along side them and ask “May I quote you?”

This is all there is to it . . . and you can quote all day!

What a Good Testimonial Will Do For YOU and YOUR Prospects

A good testimonial will get a prospect excited about buying from you because he/she sees the benefits a person like themselves achieved by using your services.

When a prospect reads a testimonial about you (or hears or watches one) he needs to know immediately what kinds of benefits he gets from buying your service.

Your prospect needs to see the endorser is someone who he can relate to, someone he has certain aspects in common with.

As your prospect reads the testimonial he needs to say to himself, “Hey, this person is like me.

It must be a good decision to buy this product because it worked well for this person and they are like me.”

When your prospect reads this, their hesitancy to spend their money on you diminishes, and they also get more excited about the possibility of doing such a good job for them as well.

Getting Good Testimonials

As long as you are in business, you need to be in the business of gathering testimonials. Whether you’re just starting our or have been in business for years, you need testimonials.

If you’re just starting out, I suggest that you simply get testimonials about yourself. These are better than nothing, but really can’t possibly have specific benefits focused on your service.

For starters though, they may help build credibility.

If you’ve been in business for a while then it’s a simple matter to get testimonials, if you believe you deserve them and overcome fear of asking for them.

The very simplest way to get testimonials is when a customer comments about your product or service, simply ask, “May I quote you?”

The write down what they said, send it to them with a short note and a self-addressed stamped envelope and ask them to sign it granting permission to use it in your marketing communications.

Remember to ask for specific information from them, name, business, title etc. The more specifics you have to show other prospects that people like themselves have bought form you, the more powerful your testimonial will be.

Another way to get testimonials is to give each client an evaluation form (as we talked about earlier) after you perform your service, or about 3 weeks after they’ve had a chance to look at and use your product.

Make it easy for them to fill out and return so that the likelihood of getting it increases. Pay the postage for them, and put the evaluation in letter form.

Ask questions which are going to be valuable to you like:

“How did my service compare with other services you’ve had?” and “On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate …”

You want comments which you’re going to be able to use in your sales letters, websites, brochures and flyers, not just general comments which are unspecific about benefits gained.

As long as you make it easy for them, most people love to help out, and do you a favor. Let them know you’ll be putting their names in your brochures and fliers.

People thrill to see their names in print!

7 Tips on How To Use Testimonials

Here is a bunch of tips, hints and ideas about using testimonials:


Testimonials can be used effectively in any marketing format:

• Brochures
• Fliers
• Business Cards
• Websites
• Video Demonstrations
• Audio Demonstrations
• Cover Letters
• Advertisements
• Posters

Basically anywhere which can be used to induce prospects to take action that will lead to a sale.


As a very general rule of thumb, use about two testimonials per page in each of your advertisements.


Always get testimonials at every chance you can.


Never stop gathering testimonials.


Use evaluation forms for EVERY MARKET that you work. This is perhaps the simplest way to get testimonials.


Get testimonials for every benefit you offer to each market.


Testimonials will help you excite your prospects about the benefits that you have to offer, and lower their anxieties about buying from you, because they know that people just like them have received the promised benefits from you.

The winning testimonial formula

Winning testimonials are benefit packed. They help to reduce prospect anxieties and get them excited about buying from you.

Winning testimonials show a prospect . . . someone just like him has received real benefits from what he is now considering buying. This is what a winning testimonial does.

Now let me reveal to you the winning formula which will make sure you get winning testimonials. Here’s what it says to your prospects:


“Dear Prospect,

I am like you. We were concerned about getting a ______________ which would really do a good job. We were worried about ____________.

We decide to give ______ a try. Now we know this __________ does a great job! He delivered this benefit and this benefit, and most of all this benefit.

We highly recommend you use him if you want these same benefits. If you have any questions about what he did for use, call me at (555) 123-4567


Here is The Testimonial Formula Stripped Down to it’s Bear Bones:

• I am like you.

• I had a problem like you and wanted to achieve the same benefit that you do.

• Like you, I was concerned about what I should do, wondering if anyone could really help.

• Well, now I know. (Your product or service) provided (the benefit I desired). Just like it will do for you!

Does this formula sound simple to you?

It is. It works, and it works well enough.

I suggest you give this type of outline to any customers of yours who’s crazy about how good a job you do . . . or how great your product performs . . . and have them follow it when they write your letter.

It is benefit packed and tells your prospect . . . someone like him is out there, who has used you with great success.

Conclusion on testimonials

Now you know what a winning testimonial says and you know how to use them and how to get them. You are on your way to winning with testimonials.

Let me warn you.

This information only works if you use it.

You must be prepared on a daily basis to use these ideas.

Therefore, take some time to prepare the necessary documents you need to gather testimonials in a time efficient manner.

Here Are The 4 Documents YOU Need:

1. The basic winning testimonial formula.

2. An evaluation sheet for each market you work.

3. The evaluation sheets should help you gather testimonials for each benefit that you offer.

4. Advertisements to use your testimonials in.

Remember . . . grab testimonials every chance you get.

Testimonials have been proven to double Sales in 12 Months.

‘Dedicated to Kicking Your Ass Until YOU Succeed!


PS. When you use outcome testimonials for your business . . . you will discover just how potent they are!

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  • Bryndon says:

    Great article, this really clarified and focused my thoughts regarding this matter. I have been advocating the use of testimonials for the last ten years, and I am excited to find such an excellent step by step process for implementation! Thanks for the excellent article.


  • I have just been asking for a testimonial this very minute! And then saw your article!!
    These people have asked me how we want it wriiten.
    When they send me their first reply. I will read it bearing in mind what you say here and ask them to make changes if needed..


  • Fabulous article! Thanks for all your great insight. This website simply gives out the best most user friendly advice possible. I am working on my “fan mail” page, and will get a bit more motivated with it, and change it around a bit thanks to this.

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    Absolutely great article on testimonials, potential clients like to know that you have satisfied other customers

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    You are completely right about the power of testimonials ! And I use a tool that might be interesting to all you readers !

    Our company (BBC) appealed to Our Clients ( Our-clients is an online tool that makes it easy to collect testimonials from your clients and keep them up-to-date.

    The testimonials are completely trustworthy thanks to the fact that not only you but also your clients have control on what is published. And testimonials have to be updated or confirmed every 12 months. So you end up with a list of testimonials that are real and recent. Only those will convince your prospects.


  • Great insight and absolutely correct. We have some of the best references in the industry and we owe our success to the great testimonials and referrals our clients have given us.

    Thanks again,
    Steve Slepcevic
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