4 Simple Rules to Writing a Post Script

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You may already know the important of having a persuasive headline or title for your blog article etc. . . . however I am guessing you have never given too much thought to how critical including a P.S. (Post Script) is to your sales or written messages.

Your P.S. is the second most read element of your written copy, after your headline, subject line or the title of your blog article.

You should include your Post Script’s immediately after your signature or at the end of your blog article. You can have more than one PS. as long as it’s not boring.

4 Places You Need to Include a PS.

1. Letters
2. on your website
3. Emails
4. Blog Articles

When you are using a PS. in a selling situation, a common mis-conception about P.S.s is . . . you should re-state your offer.

No, no, no!

If you do this, you will be giving the skimmers the opportunity of NOT reading any of the emotional parts of your copy.

Your prospect will simply not buy on price, or value, alone.

So you need to get some emotion into your P.S.s and direct your prospect back in to your sales copy.

Here Are Four Simple Rules to Writing Your Post Scripts

1. Restate you Headline in the first P.S.

2. Introduce another benefit, one which you never mentioned in the copy.

3. Never reveal the price of your product in any of your P.S.s

4. Your last words should be so call now on…. Or on a website . . . so claim your xxx now . . . click the link below etc.

These are not hard and fast rules and at times you may need to bend them.

P.S. Examples:

P.S. FREE GIFTS! Be one of the first 27 people to order either the Silver or Gold Membership in the next 7 days and I will also include Dan Kennedy’s ‘The Ultimate Success Secret’ book valued at $22. Yours FREE!

If your order number is 28, I’m sorry you just won’t qualify for YOUR Free Gifts.

P.P.S. I have decided to make the GOLD Pack even more irresistible…if you order by the date stamped in RED (see fast response form back page) and you are one of the first 27 people to order it, I will include – a Gift Certificate for “FREE 14 Nights Accommodation for 2”- Valued at over $1,000

Important Note: Free Gifts are included only when you order by the date stamped in RED on the Order Form & for FULL PAYMENT ONLY.

P.P.P.S. Over $40 Million in Sales of the ‘Magnetic Marketing’ System alone & a 96% success rate…all sold with a DOUBLE Guarantee …Start whipping Your COMPETITORS today! Call now on…

There are no hard and fast rules on the number of P.S.’s you should include, you would need to test this for your own particular niche.

However, three has proven to work well in the past and by making the middle one the strongest has proved to work well.

Now have a go at writing your own P.S.s and NEVER send any communications without at least one PS!

“Dedicated to Kicking Your Ass Until You Succeed!”


Toe Cracker

PS. Remember . . . whenever someone reads your written messages – they will read your PS more than any other part of your message after your headline or title . . . so leave them off at your own risk!

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