Outwit, Outsmart, Out-Word Your Competition . . . We Need to Talk

We need to talk – for free. There are 100 x 20 minute, one on one mentoring session with me for FREE. Value: $500.

More about this in a minute.

It seems my last message rattled a few cages and I am glad to know you are an action taker and still here.

A few people still seemed confused about some aspects of what they received, especially about what a mini makeover of their website really involves.

Yes, I do want to give your copy a makeover so you too can get better results and I am prepared to do so at 90% off.

Outwit, Outsmart, Out-Word

You may not realize the fact you are playing your own game of survivor where you must outwit, outsmart and out-word your competition to succeed.

Reality shows do makeovers of houses, faces, bodies, gardens, faces, people’s clothing and so many other aspects – then it is good enough for your website to.

A few case studies:


A couple of years ago, I got a call from a very excited customer asking me if I had watched David Letterman the previous night.

No I replied and asked why.

He told me that some copy that I had critiqued for his business had made it onto Letterman, getting national exposure for his business.

The value of this is priceless.

It was the headline Letterman was interested in.

I remember doing this critique and tweaking the headline to make it sizzle more, to make it jump out and grab my
customers prospects by the throat and hook them in. The headline my customer wrote was pretty good and I only
changed/added a few words.

Again, the value of these critiques which I I do are worth more than the $1,000 value.

Needless to say and yes I am sounding like a broken record, those few words were magic.


I was doing a private, one on one mentoring session with another customer who after finally letting go their reluctance to change their existing sales letter because it was getting great sales, made some tweaks that I had suggested in a previous critique and they noticed almost instant results.


Chatting a customer on skype one day about his adverts when I asked to see them. Why we were talking ‘mate’ stuff, I
cranked out 6-7 headlines for him to test.

The results?

He pulled a 300% increase in calls within a day.


Taking a good letter, doing a makeover of the website copy, I was able to make the letter sizzle so much, I put the
price up by double. Not only this, the client’s conversions almost doubled to, an almost quadruple effect.

I have lost count how many times this has happened over the years. The point for you to understand is, in 98.98% of
the time, people get these types of results and you can too.

A few more quick examples:

One 3 minute conversation increase sales 25% in one week.

One word increased leads by 800%.

One 20 minute critique added $2.159 mullion a year for one customer.

If you are serious, you will be wanting to get as many customers as possible and then sell to them again and again on the back end.

Only an idiot wouldn’t want to do this and I know you are not one of them.

You have a choice.

1. do nothing.

2. Grab 1 of the 100 free 20 minutes mentoring sessions I am offering – value $500. Simply email me and give me your website and I contact you. These will be done in the order received. Don’t procrastinate.

3. Get a min-makeover at 90% off.

This will entitle you to a makeover of one sales letter where I will re-write the things which are more obvious than a nosebleed on a white tissue. You will have one year to use this.

This is not a complete new sales letter or a total re-write, you need to contact me for that.

There were 14 mini makeovers on offer at $500 instead of $5,000 in my last message.

I said after for 3 days, the fee would got to $1,000 and it will. There are 28 hours left. Come 8pm Pacific time, Tuesday 13 May in the US, the $500 deal is dead.

Basically you have 28 hours to decide.

Send via paypal to: trevor@magicwordssell.com and be sure to include it’s for a makeover and your details.

If you are not sure, then email me.

Why am I doing this.

I want to use the success from these makeovers as case studies and the people who respond will reap their rewards.

It will be me doing these personally.

Are you just one word or one letter away from possibly doubling your sales – I think you owe it your yourself to find out.

Create sizzling sales with my mini- makeover.

“Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed”!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. Be one of the 100 people who get a 20 minute mentoring session with me for free. value $500.

Email and include your website. First in, first done. trevor@magicwordssell.com

PPS. To grab a makeover at 90% off. Remember, come 13 May in the US, at 8pm Pacific Time, it will cost you twice as
much. Do it now. Send the funds via paypal to:


Be sure to mention the deal in the comments.

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