What Got Me Started Is Now Yours for FREE – Value $4997

What Got Me Started Is Now Yours for Free and yes there’s one small catch.

You may already know how I got started as a copywriter, in case you don’t, hang with me for a few minutes as I explain, as this could really change your life.

It wasn’t too many years ago when I decided to work for myself and invested in reprint rights to Dan Kennedy’s products, which cost me 25,000 and this is what lead me to become a copywriter, get on the net and then to become an international speaker, sharing the stage with people like;

Ted Nicholas, Matthew Furey, Yanik Silver, Jim Edwards, Marlon Sanders, Stephen Pierce, William E Bailey, Dr. Stan Harris and 3 time Olympian, Ruben Gonzalez to name just a few – speaking at various cities across the US, Australia, the UK etc.

When I got started, I had to teach myself, making costly mistakes along the way.

There was no mentor to guide me, I was simply on my own and sure I cracked the code however it wasn’t easy.

For you though, now it can be and you can get non exclusive resale rights to my Judgment Day Home Study Course for zero outlay, a true value of $4,997 as my gift to you when you take part in my persuasive writing 30 day writing challenge.

This isn’t some figure plucked out of thin air. The actual packs sell for $698 and $997 so it doesn’t take a rocket
scientist to figure out it’s great value.

As I said to you though, I want to give you the rights as a gift.

Why Would I Do This?

Quite simply, I am keen to have you take part on my persuasive writing 30 day challenge so you too can finish after the
30 days having created written copy worth at least $15 big ones.

You may think your copy is brilliant and I can tell you with 100% certainly, I haven’t critique a website or sales copy which hasn’t sucked in several areas and you can always tweak your copy which gives you more traffic and conversions which = more orders = more sales for you.

When you get the rights, you will also get the website copy to help you sell the pack plus one set of the 5 DVD’s and 6 CD roms.

I have been selling this pack for close to 3 years now with great success; clients increasing sales by 300%, 800% by $2.159 million and much more.

When you are serious about your success, then you will choose to be part of my persuasive writing sells 30 day writing challenge where you will finish with the skills so you can be on your way to having everything in the world you really want WITHOUT costing you a fortune to get it.

Go on over to:


Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker‘ Crook
PS. With the early bird special as well as an option for 13 easy payments over 13 months, only a stubborn fool would allow this to slip by them.

I know you are a smart person.

I am giving as a bonus to 27 of my customers, non exclusive resale rights to my Judgment Day HSC when you claim his early bird special. Value: $4997. This bonus is not on the site. Email me when you have your receipt and I
will ensure you get yours.

Go on over to:


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