Do Your Random Act of Kindness Today for ‘Pay It Forward’ Day

Today is ‘Pay It Forward’ day and I urge you to take part. Giving a gift WITHOUT any expectations of getting one back in return is as rare as hen’s teeth. I believe in today’s world of greed, impatience and a global ‘take, take, take’ mentality I can still make people’s dreams come true and start a revolution at the same time.

Now for a few ignorant people, today in some parts of the world is already the 4th of April which is Pay it Forward Day so for you people who think the world revolves around when it’s the 4th for you – wake up and smell the roses.

And helping you as well as other like-minded people achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship makes giving so much more rewarding than getting.

How about you?

If you could also help people achieve their dreams in some way . . . would you do it WITHOUT any expectations of getting anything at all back in return?

If you answered “YES” to this question please keep reading. If you answered no, I want you to leave my website right now because you clearly do not understand nor do you practice random acts of kindness.

Good. You are still reading.

You have passed the first test in the true meaning of reciprocity.

A while ago I made a huge discovery while watching a Hollywood movie which was based on the novel Pay It Forward, by Catherine Ryan Hyde. The movie was and is so powerful – so life changing, it started a worldwide movement.

The main character in this movie, a young boy named Trevor . . . left such an impression on me, I swear he jumped through the TV screen and smacked me between my eyes leaving a permanent tattoo which says if you want to help people Trevor Crook . . . just pay it forward!

Staying glued to the movie, my brain was spinning like an out of control avalanche in the swiss alps . . . all due to the simple ‘pay it forward psychology’ . . . I couldn’t get to sleep.

The reality of this is reciprocity theory . . . when you give freely . . . one the “Laws of the Universe” gives you something back . . . ONLY 10 times more – however only when you do so WITHOUT any expectations.

Like me, you may have read the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill and be somewhat familiar with or have your own theory of reciprocity. In my case, nothing grabbed me like this movie did and I doubt it ever will.

I realized I had it backwards as most people do.

Do you?

When you have a ‘get’ mentality before a ‘give’ mentality . . . this formula always fails, a complete recipe for disaster.

Why you ask?

The reverse is true.

Are you prepared to give freely of yourself first and foremost . . . before you get anything in return?

What you ultimately give to other people always comes back to you like a boomerang – at lightning speed!

It’s not rocket science. Simple yes, yet so powerful.

The more you and I help other business owners and entrepreneurs . . . the greater yours, theirs and my life will be enhanced. This is one of the most powerful and lesser known laws of the universe.

It’s called the “Law of Reciprocation”.

You may have experienced this in life. When you give, you don’t get back a return which merely equals what you invest. You may get returns of 10, 100, even 1,000 times or more!

When you don’t stop to bat an eyelid about your future return on your investment . . . your pay off be be huge and automatic.

Your payoff will come in many shapes and forms.

Money. Recognition. Satisfaction. Fun. Self-esteem. Appreciation. Prestige. Relationships. Energy, etc.

For full details on how you can be part of pay it forward day by simply accepting my random act of kindness, simply click the image at the start of this article and let the law of reciprocation boomerang back into your life quicker than it takes a bald man to comb his hair.

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2 Responses to Do Your Random Act of Kindness Today for ‘Pay It Forward’ Day

  • Mellisa says:

    Hey Trevor,
    I do believe the Law of Reciprocity is powerful. And thanks for the awesome gifts.
    Although all of your paid clients might be sending you death threats by now. lol.
    Be blessed,

  • Bethany says:

    I’ll make my own quote today because I can’t find one that describes exactly what I want it to. “To do something so big and so random for someone how did not expect it yet rile needed it for their day to day, everyday life, yet you the giver lose something big and get nothing in return something you, your self could live without” By Bethany Rutledge

    Great quote Bethany. Thanks for sharing – Trevor
    PS. Did you see this one;

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