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Spelling Sux: 5 Myths About Spelling Revealed

Too many people get their panties in a wad over their blog article, website copy, letters and emails being grammatically correct and without one spelling mistake.


This article will offend some people . . . it’s meant to.

Blatant typos can and should be avoided due to having tools such as a spell checker however, even this is not 100% fool proof. I must admit, I am guilty of not running the Spell checker and having sales copy and email copy with errors and I do not give a toss to be honest.

Author’s manuscripts some times go through 10 different proof readers Continue reading

Headlines Suck! . . . 12 Kick Ass Rules To Creating Headlines Which Sell - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Headlines Suck!

If your headline doesn’t stand out like a woman’s nipples who’s just won a wet t-shirt competition, your sales message or blog article will not get read.

Without a sizzling, persuasive headline or title on your website, your blog, your advert or sales letter . . . your sales will suck harder than a hooker on the strip in Vegas.

When you can grasp the only role of what your headline or blog title is supposed to do . . . Continue reading

How To Write Kick Ass Headlines Which Hook Your Prospects By Their Throat

The difference between a good headline and a pathetic headline is the difference between Success and Failure in advertising, website copy or getting your blog article read.

Your headline is the most important aspect and the first thing your prospects see when he or she looks at your advertisement . . . blog article or website sales copy. Continue reading

Do Your Random Act of Kindness Today for ‘Pay It Forward’ Day

Today is ‘Pay It Forward’ day and I urge you to take part. Giving a gift WITHOUT any expectations of getting one back in return is as rare as hen’s teeth. I believe in today’s world of greed, impatience and a global ‘take, take, take’ mentality I can still make people’s dreams come true and start a revolution at the same time.

Now for a few ignorant people, today in some parts of the world is already the 4th of April which is Pay it Forward Day so for you people who think the world revolves around when it’s the 4th for you – wake up and smell the roses.

And helping you as well as other like-minded people achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship makes giving so much more rewarding than getting.

How about you?

If you could also help people achieve their dreams in some way . . . would you do it WITHOUT any expectations of getting anything at all back in return?

If you answered “YES” to this question please keep reading. If you answered no, I want you to leave my website right now because you clearly do not understand nor do you practice random acts of kindness.

Good. You are still reading.

You have passed the first test in the true meaning of reciprocity. Continue reading

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