Sell The Sizzle Not Your Steak To Explode Your Sales

Too many times people simply try and sell ‘steak’ to their prospects and customers instead of selling them the ‘sizzle’.

The ‘sizzling of the steak’ starts the sale more than the cow ever will, even though the cow is obviously very important. Imagine for a second, you are at a BBQ and a big fat juicy steak gets thrown onto the hot plate. You can smell the aroma in the air and hear the sizzle of the steak as it begins to cook. At this point, you probably haven’t given a second though about the cow and you probably NEVER will.

Which is exactly my point. The ‘sizzle’ is simply the BIGGEST selling point in your product or service and it’s the main reason why your prospects want to buy from you.

You will find hidden in everything you sell, whether it’s online, face to face, via direct mail, in the newspapers – in any selling situation . . . whether tangible or intangible . . . the ‘SIZZLES’ for your business. Once you find them and start to use to get the sales process rolling, you can them spend time on the features and any technical information.

When you go to a restaurant, the waiter knows he must sell you the bubbles and not the champagne. The coffee companies sell you on aroma and not the actual coffee.

Only your butcher sells the cow and not the sizzle, however even he knows the promise of the sizzle generates more sales of his better cuts of quality meat. Even the vacuum cleaner salesperson knows to sell health, comfort, labor-saving, leisure and cleaner homes (The ‘sizzles’) and that the construction and mechanisms etc of the vacuum cleaner are the ‘COW’.

Are you beginning to see why it is so important to find your ‘sizzles’ first in every thing you sell . . . before you can even think about crafting the right words which sell the ‘sizzles’ to your prospects and customers?

I urge you to grab a notepad and a pen, put on your ‘sizzle glasses’ and look at you own sales package, products and offers so that you can dig up the ‘sizzles’. Write them all down. You may find one, five, ten, even twenty sizzles and once you have done this, put them in the order of importance.

Happy sizzle hunting!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
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  • Monika says:

    Tracy- I just made these and they in no way did any popping over . They just look like dairnlg mini muffins and taste and smell awesome. Any idea why? I swear I followed directions and am not an idiot. Perhaps my

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