“English Teachers Get it Wrong – God Get’s It Right!”

It never ceases to amaze me when I talk with business owners and entrepreneurs about choosing the correct words which can explode their sales and profits.

Too many people are still hung up on the garbage their English teachers have shoved down their throats about using the correct grammar, particularly when its comes to advertising and marketing. They will tell you where you have missed a comma, used incorrect punctuation, and if you have typing errors etc. etc.

Over the years, a few teachers have gone to the wasted effort of ‘marking’ my sales letter as though I was still some pimply faced punk kid at high school. The only thing they didn’t do was give me an ‘˜F’. Just as well they didn’t give me an ‘˜F’ because my version of an ‘F’ is slightly different to theirs and ends in ‘K’.

What they don’t realize due to ignorance is this. YOU should write the way you speak and use pause breaks (those 3 little dots . . .) etc. etc.

I was speaking at a weekend entrepreneur seminar in Pittsburg and I asked the attendees if they thought it was acceptable to start a sentence with ‘AND’.

Of course they all said no and when pressed for their reason – it was unanimous. They said it wasn’t proper grammar. Talk about being brainwashed.

They were wrong!

I told them that if it was good enough for GOD to start a sentence with ‘And’ as per the bible, it was good enough for me and it should be good enough for them too. In the bible, sentences have been started with ‘and’. Now, who are we to argue with the man himself?

I also told them to ignore every single thing they were taught in school by their english teacher, if they wanted to ignite their sales. After all, they need sales. They do not need to re-sit their high school english exam.

As for typing errors. That’s another myth. There are known products that have been selling like hotcakes for decades – with typing errors contained within the sales letter or sales message.

Heck, some of the sales letters I have written for myself and my customers still have typos and this hasn’t made a difference to overall sales.

I know. A few people will be thinking how unprofessional. I would prefer to have a kick ass piece of sales copy with sizzling words which sell like magic to generate sales over some pretty, glossy, professional piece of crap put together by a graphic artist who is clueless.

Give me a ‘pretty boy’ piece of glossy marketing material and put it up against some ugly looking marketing campaign which has ‘magic words’ on it or on a website and I can 100% guarantee you my ugly advertising and marketing campaign will kick the ass of the ‘pretty boy’ piece every time.

Now ask yourself this question. Think carefully before you answer as the question may upset your ego.

Good. You are still reading.

Here it is – ‘If you had to swallow your ego, leave it at the door, divorce yourself from your frilly, fancy, cutesy logo which strokes your ego and no one elses – and . . . replace your glossy, professional sales and marketing campaigns with something which actually worked, was 100% trackable -’is ugly to look at’ . . . would you do it?

If you answer NO, – I want YOU to leave my blog now and NEVER return as you are clearly wasting my time as well as yours.

If you answered ‘YES’ you are clearly a smart person who I would love to help in some way – because you are clearly coachable.

Check out the Samples, Services and Products pages at the top of my blog.

“Dedicated to Kicking Your Ass Until YOU Succeed!”

Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

PS. Pass this blog to anyone you know who is in business or who is an online or offline entrepreneur. ONLY tell people who are serious. I don’t want tire-kickers taking up valuable space on my database.

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3 Responses to “English Teachers Get it Wrong – God Get’s It Right!”

  • Ka-Boom says:

    Wow …getting in to leave my comment was a 3 person adventure, and not the good kind.

    So now for my opinion on your “friggin brilliant” post. I could not agree more, the only thing that makes me madder is someone that will ask you a question and then argue when you give them your answer.

    When you are writing and the writing is inspiring, and if it is good copy, it is conversational…the last thing you need to worry about is the dotted i’s and the crossed t’s let alone the commas. imho

    It is always good to read it over, and put in the most necessary of punctuation . But lets face it ,if you are comparing a novel and a good sales letter, they are as different as Beethoven and Meatloaf. What works for one in structure and tempo definitely would never work for the other.
    If anything I tend to over punctuate because …..i want people to pause at certain places, as if you were speaking to them.

    I have been slammed many times by English teachers, and grammar Queens on the internet, who evidently don’t have a clue.

    • Yamina says:

      fuss, forget the fact that there are 2 other actunocants in your village who are more experienced. Remember the transformation you have on your customer’s life and go out there and tell people what you do with

  • HolyKnight7 says:

    I’m sorry, but I’ve simply got to disagree with you.

    There is a right way and a wrong way to “write like people speak.”

    For instance: people overuse elipses (“pause breaks,” as you call them). Those are used for silence when you’re trying to find a word, but not for a punchline. Instead, you use a dash. People do not know how to use the semi-colon or the dash because people just don’t have much education these days.

    And as for your using the Bible as an example, the truth is that Hebrew and Greek did not have punctuation to end their sentences, so ancient writers would start sentences with the word “and” often to help show that they were switching topics. Thus, some more rigid translations like the KJV will keep “vehayah” (and so it came to pass), but smoother ones will omit it in accordance with good English style.

    And I, for one, do get turned off automatically when dealing with people who use poor punctuation. It gives you a first impression of incompetence, and as businessmen know, first impressions are everything.

    p.s. “Get’s” is not a word, unless you mean “Get is” or “belonging to Get,” but I have never met a person named Get. “Get’s” is not a verb form at all. I don’t understand why people throw apostrophes at random in their words.

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