“Anatomy Of a Sales Letter Which Sells – Part 3

If you have been following parts 1 and 2 of Anatomy of your sales . . . here’s the last part in the series.Guarantee

Adding a guarantee is critical. You MUST offer a guarantee. Ideally, the longer the guarantee you offer the better your sales will be.

30 days is good. 60 days is better. 90 days is better still. But it also depends on your product.

However, if you use Clickbank it’s a fixed guarantee.

Now, I want you to Craft a guarantee for your copy:

The Real Close

And then give him your offer.

List all what you are giving him in return for a modest payment.

It’s a re-cap of your whole package.

Now, have a go at writing a close:

Call to Action

It is recommended that you have an order button that gets noticed.

You can have an order button that merely says: Click here to order or you can have one that uses a benefit driven statement. For example, Click here to Start Making Money Now!

That’s it, your done.

Not quite!

You need to sign off and write the P.S.s

The P.S. is important because of the ‘skimmers’. Most folk won’t read all your copy, they’ll just read the headline, the sub-heads, and shoot down to the P.S.s.

And . . .

It has been proven – 3 P.S.s work best.

The first P.S. is an excellent place to tell your prospect again about your promise or repeat your headline.

The second P.S. should be your strongest. A good technique is to introduce something new that you’ve not put in the copy but saved for now. For example: you can add an extra bonus or report at this point.

And the 3rd. P.S. can re-state the guarantee, time limit, or price increase. But be careful not to quote the price.

Now, have a go at writing 3 P.S.s, using the above guidelines.

Opt-in Box

And finally, if you are marketing on the web, you need to collect your prospects’ names and emails.

Latest opinion suggests that your opt-in box needs to be placed below the P.S.s.

But in exchange for their details you will be giving away something – a report, a free mini-course etc.

Now, write an offer of a free give-away below:

N.B. It is not recommended to prepare your sales copy in Word, (use a text editor such as Notepad).Other Considerations for Your Copy

Having a graphic of your ebook (or whatever your product is) to complement your description and bullet points about your product will greatly enhance the appearance.

Graphics of each of your bonuses will also add to your sales message.

Get your graphic designer to craft a great order button for you. Using better words than just ‘click here to order’. A well designed order button can mean the difference to sales or no sales.

Adding photos to your sales copy is another way to add variety and appeal.

One of the best place to find photos that you can use is www.istockphoto.com

Supplementing your sales copy with audio and/or video is another proven way of increasing your conversion rate. Testimonials in particular are a good use of audio and video.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. Apply all 3 parts to of these basic copywriting tips for beginners to create your sizzling sales letter.

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