Monthly Archives: March 2008

Announcing: ToeCracker Radio Starts Wednesday

Each week you will discover how to choose then use the magic words which sell your products and service s using persuasive writing and ignite your Continue reading

Adding Words to a Picture - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Pictures can say a thousand words. When you add a caption to a picture or image . . . you change the perception each time you change the words. This new section of my blog will commence soon where I will take a picture and give you several captions where you will see for yourself, just how powerful creative writing is and why you need this skill too. Continue reading

It’s Only Words – B.S. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

The wrong words or the right words will determine how many leads and how many sales you get. Too many people stick their head in the sand like an ostrich being too darn ignorant to doing what ever it takes to ensure every single word strings together like one continuous bead of salesmanship in print either online or off-line.

After all, it’s oh so easy to say, yes it’s good enough. Sorry, but with such a B.S. attitude no wonder people struggle to make sales.

I want you to ask yourself this question as you read this and then again later, standing in front of your mirror, so you can look yourself in your own eyes to get the honest truth. Continue reading

Sell The Sizzle Not Your Steak To Explode Your Sales

Too many times people simply try and sell ‘steak’ to their prospects and customers instead of selling them the ‘sizzle’.

The ‘sizzling of the steak’ starts the sale more than the cow ever will, even though the cow is Continue reading

“English Teachers Get it Wrong – God Get’s It Right!”

It never ceases to amaze me when I talk with business owners and entrepreneurs about choosing the correct words which can explode their sales and profits.

Too many people are still hung up on the garbage their English teachers have shoved down their throats about using the correct grammar, particularly when its comes to advertising and marketing. They will tell you where you have missed a comma, used incorrect punctuation, and if you have typing errors etc. etc. Continue reading

“Anatomy Of a Sales Letter Which Sells – Part 3

If you have been following parts 1 and 2 of Anatomy of your sales . . . here’s the last part in the series.Guarantee

Adding a guarantee is critical. You MUST offer a guarantee. Ideally, the longer Continue reading

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