“Free Copywriting Tips For Beginners – 10 Hours of Audio Mp3′s”

I have already been told I am insane for giving away my copywriting blueprint formula – 10 hours of pure content on what it will take you to become a copywriter, learn copywriting from someone who’s doing what you want to be able to do.

You must think I am certifiable and maybe I am. Why would I want to give away my copywriting tips for beginners . . . and allow people to become a copywriter for free?

Good question. The answer - Law Of Reciprocation!

When I recorded these 10 hours, I started with copywriting tips for beginners and ended with some real meaty bits which even seasoned copywriters discovered they could still learn copywriting. Many of my testimonials are from these very audios. When I did these originally people paid $97 just to listen and they are worth and they should now sell for $197.

I want to give them to you, without any strings attached, without you needing to invest even one cent. On top of this, I want you to give away my copywriting blueprint formula so you can help your own subscribers, customers and other entrepreneurs grasp basic copywriting and create great sales copy.

By the time you have listened, taken notes and applied my basic copywriting blueprint formula you will be well on your way to increasing your sales and profits.

Go to:


“Dedicated to Kicking Your Ass Until you Succeed!”


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook

PS. Seriously, I want to help you and even if you have this as part of magic words sell, the only way you can give this away is to take a look. YOU are not obligated to do this or even pay it forward. However when you want to help yourself as well as and other like-minded entrepreneurs can get basic copywriting tips for FREE . . . and you want to unleash the awesome power of the “Law of Reciprocation” and have it giving back to you 10, 100 even 1,000 time – then go to:


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