“Basic Copywriting Tip on Search Engine Optimization gets No. 1 on Google in 72 Hours”

As you learn copywriting you have no doubt been curious about seo copywriting and put it in the too bloody hard basket like I did for so long.

Two months ago, I finally put my own ignorance aside and started to do research. On September 4th, I put my limited knowledge into play and wrote a blog article – 59 Basic Copywriting Tips For Beginners and this was in fact part 2 0f 2 with part 1 being posted 2 days prior. When I wrote the article, I ensured I included relevant search terms which were and are getting traffic.

Now . . . copywriting is a broad term all on it’s own getting 1,646 searches per day as of today with 10.9 million web pages. Now, I don’t know about you but I want to pick low hanging fruit from the tree . . . not get a ladder, climb to the top and risk breaking my neck to get a bloody apple!

So . . . I started to dig and found smaller, laser targeted traffic which has smaller searches per day and also had fewer web pages to compete against.

I chose a few search phrases for the articles I mentioned being copywriting tips for beginners and basic copywriting. Other articles I have done have included the terms learn copywriting and become a copywriter.

Copywriting tips for beginners has approx. 17 searches per day according to word tracker which is 6,205 per annum. Basic copywriting has only 5 which is 1,825 per year. Collectively just these 2 targeted search terms have 8,030 searches per year and are potentially FREE traffic for me. 5 here, 10 there, etc. soon add up to large amounts of laser targeted traffic.

At the time, copywriting tips for beginners had 538,000 competing web pages and basic copywriting had 1.720 million web pages. Within 72 hours . . . my website is number one on google for both search terms PLUS for copywriting tips for beginners I am also number 6 and for basic copywriting I am number 3 on google . . . after only 36 hours earlier announcing my article on my www.digg.com site which also proves yet again the awesome power of web 2.0 and social networking.

When I went to yahoo, my article is number 1 and number 4 out of 205,000 web pages for copywriting tips for beginners and number 1 and number 22 for basic copywriting out of 1.190 million web pages. Interestingly here, my digg article is in pole position.

What’s important here to the fact that the search term on google with more than 3 times as many searches has 538,000 competing web-pages as opposed to 1.720 million. Go figure!

I am not foolish enough to think this is something earth shattering to you, however does prove what can be done with seo copywriting. Also, any idiot can get to number one on something that’s no actually searched on and there’s plenty of F.I.G.J.A.M. (F . . . I’m Good Just Ask Me) people peddle that type of crapola.
I suggest you go to google and do a search on: copywriting tips for beginners hit enter and then click on my website so you can really understand how simple this can be and then actually read my article to see a few more tricks I laced into those articles. Once you have done that, do the same for: basic copywriting and see exactly what I mean.

Can you see how if you do some digging of your own and target your low hanging fruit, combine your sales copy with exactly what your target market are looking for . . . you can get free traffic which means when you become a copywriter who writes sizzling sales copy you will get more subscribers to your database and generate more sales over time.

“Dedicated To Kicking Your ASS Until YOU Succeed!”


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
Getting to the top 10 on google or yahoo etc. for any search term is one thing, staying there still requires work which I will reveal to you over time as part of my copywriting tips for beginners series. To become a copywriter who gets results go to: www.CopywritingForSuccess.com

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