“Ed ‘Tubby Nerd’ Dale Starts His Totally FREE . . . Thirty Day Challenge”

Bloody Ed Dale is at it again and this time he’s more serious about your success than ever.

Yep, it’s time for his thirty day challenge – as part of the underachievers system. Ed is a mate of mine and I have loads of respect for him and what he does. I offered to help all of the members who take part in the thirty day challenge with FREE copywriting tips etc. and I really do think you would be insane not to register and take part in this years thirty day challenge which is going to cost you zero, zilch!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. This is the real deal!

It’s time – tomorrow pre-season begins and it’s like nothing you
have ever seen before.

This thirty day challenge is going to be VERY different

Very Web 2.0

(Real Web 2.0 – not the weak stuff I’ve seen around)

I start to explain how in this video


I created the thirty day challenge in 2005, after I sold my 38 web
sites for five million dollars (which was very cool for me).
Running a business on the Internet is simply the best business to
be in but unfortunately there was so much hype and false promises
from people teaching all sorts of dubious strategies which I knew
from experience (and making a lot of mistakes) did not work.

The other thing that really upset me was all these people
saying that they were making tens of thousands of dollars a
month online. Sure you can do it – but it takes a lot of work. It
was so sad…

People had there hopes raised high only to have
then dashed a month or so later when they had not made there “tens
of thousands of dollars” – what a waste of enthusiasm  – you see I
knew that if people made just a dollar online – that was the
crucial thing. That was something you could build on…

I was angry but what could I do about it….

Just after I sold my sites in May of 2005 I was in New York and I
found this intriguing book at the Barnes and Nobel on Union Square.
It was all about a group of people who every November sat down and
tried to write a novel in thirty days. How cool was that  (and
scary – the rules were that the novel had to be 50,000 words, that’s
1667 words a day for those calculator types!)!

Then it hit me….

What if I ran a totally free – zero hype – internet course teaching
people everything I know about Internet Marketing. The goal of the
thirty days – make a single damn dollar with their own product
(excuse my french!). I would get people into teams and we would
support each other through thirty days. It was crazy but it just
might work.

So in July of 2005, 927 hardy souls started out on the Thirty Day
Challenge, and at the end of thirty days – 27 people had made there
dollar (a further 112 made it in the 60 days after it). What a ride
it was and some of those thirty day challenge newbies have gone on
to be some of the best Internet marketers on the planet!

The challenge was even bigger in 2006, and now in 2007 we will have
our biggest and best challenge yet and of course it’s totally free
and their are no hidden catches.

In fact there are a few ground rules

* Totally Free – you don’t need a single dollar to participate

* No Pitching, No Selling – When we first started out – people
thought that there was some catch – they kept waiting to be sold
something – they never were.

*No computer experience necessary – seriously. Every part of the
thirty day challenge is video based so you can watch along and see
exactly how to do each step.

*Hype Free – This is all about a very clever process – it’s all
about the training – That’s what we want you to concentrate on.

In fact, I know a lot of people who use the thirty day challenge to
introduce spouses, friends and relatives to Internet Marketing.

Check out the video (Oh and could you do us a favor and rate it -
just click on the stars


( A note to experienced marketers – there are two reasons you may
want to join this years challenge. First up this years strategy is
totally different to anything that is being marketed out there and
two – why not mentor a team. As Steven Covey said – the best way to
learn something is to teach!)

If you have not registered and remember pre-season starts tomorrow
you can register at


Speak to you tomorrow


PS Yes, I am using youtube very deliberately – see if you can pick
what I am doing differently to all the other youtube marketers out



Ed Dale
Marillion Partnership

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