“It Takes 2 – Sales Letter Makeover Doubles Sale Price”

In my last blog I mentioned how I tweaked a sale letter for a customer. It was basically a sales letter makeover where all areas of the letter were tweaked and the copy improved to make it sizzle from start to finish. To start with, I had my customer complete my copywriting questionnaire so that I could build a profile in my mind as well as get an idea as to how much my customer really new about her ideal prospects and customers.

I then read the e-books from start to finish to ensure every last gold nugget was extracted, including the bonuses. What happens so many times, particularly with e-book type products or where someone hasn’t created the product themselves – they do not bother to do read, watch and or listen to that product and this is a 100% guaranteed way to leave money on your table.

Once I had done this, I spend time looking at what the offer was going to be and I decided that the main bonus was actually the product, it could and would sell all by itself and my gut instinct was telling me people would respond accordingly.

I then reworked all of the bullet points and strengthened them using the exact same formula I laid out in bite sized chunks on my copywriting blueprint as part of my Magic Words Sell package.

The wording on the guarantee was made stronger, I added in a take-away close, restricted the numbers etc. to create urgency, changed the whole layout as the old layout done by my customers was one of the ugliest websites I ever seen and I told my customer that too. In saying that – the old, ugly site still got good sales at the old price of $37-97.

Once I had finished, the new sale price was $77 and it was time to test it. I sent the letter to my customer who quite literally didn’t recognize her own product. There were many other things that were suggested and discussed with my customer about back end products, mining sales out oh the database in a few ways being the people who have never purchased as well as up selling existing customers with the new package.

The results?

Conversions are around the same yet the sale price has doubled. Not a bad start. Now when My customers works on getting more traffic to her website . . . the compounding factor of profit increases will be huge.

When I have done a camtasia video before and after and it’s live on you tube I will let you know.

Can you see now how by making 1-2% improvements to YOUR sales copy or your google adwords PPC’s etc, in fact in all areas . . . imagine what that can do for your sales and profits. Get your own copywriting blueprint. Go to:

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Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. You can view 5 videos on you tube that will help you too and even if you’ve watched them before – watch them again as you will pick up more gold nuggets After you watch this one – “3 Sizzling Headlines Increase Response by 1700%”, click the link ‘More from this user’ for the other 4. Go to:

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