“It Takes 2 – Crafting Your Offer For Maximum Profits”

A few days ago, I posted the first article in my series on “Winner Do What Losers Are NOT Willing To Do” based on Copywriting so that YOU can make just 2% improvements in all areas of your sales copy and be more successful.

Here’s your second article – Crafting YOUR Offer For Maximum Profits.


I have not held back here . . . so brace yourself, grab a stiff drink and get ready to cop what I am saying on your chin. I am dedicated to kicking your ass until YOU succeed. Pussy footing around, sugar coating the truth isn’t going to help you and as this is MY blog . . . I can and will say what I want to. I am not twisting your arm to read it. Sure, I will lose a few tire-kickers along the way and that’s only good for business.

GOOD – YOU are still reading.

By now, you being the Winner that you are . . . you would have used the first article to profile your ideal customer.

The losers will still be sitting their suffering from H.U.A. disease (Head Up Ass) bitching and moaning about poor traffic, poor opt-in’s and pathetic sales.

Judging by the emails I received after my first article many of you had NEVER been exposed to profiling in such a detailed way even though you have purchased or listening to a truck load of copywriting information.

Okay . . . now that you know who the heck you should be selling to – you have to create and craft an irresistible offer . . . one that literally gob smacks your prospects and customers into whipping out their credit card or handing over cash to purchase whatever you are offering at YOUR price!

Your offer not only has to provide exceptional value, it’s got to solve your customers problem . . . the very reason they are even visiting your website or reading your offline sales letter in the first place. If you profile your customers, create kick ass copy and then your offer is as limp as geriatric home for old men . . . you have wasted your time and theirs.

Like it or lump it . . . your offer needs to perform like a gigolo on an intravenous drip of viagra.

YOU will have heard of tuning into your prospects favorite radio station – W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me) and too many people can repeat this phrase will as much as ease as a bloody parrot who squawks “Polly Wants a Cracker’ when you walk past . . . yet are clueless as to what it really means.

I am all for W.I.I.F.M. however to make it easier for you to truly understand this aspect and for you to work out your offer . . . you need to use The Toe Cracker’s method instead – W.I.I.F.Y. which means “What’s In It For YOU” and NO, I don’t mean you as such, that’s the question you need to asked yourself as though you are sitting across the table, face to face with your prospects and answer your own question from your prospects perspective.

When you can do that . . . you will start to craft an offer they can’t do without. A win-win for you as well as them.

You need to look at the main product you are offering for sale to start with, make that your platform to to either add more products to . . . or if you are creating a package – add bonuses to. Once you have worked out what you want to include in your offer, you can start to work on your pricing. If you try and sell your offer for too much – in other words your prospects can not see the value, they will not buy.

If you price your offer too low . . . you can lose sales AND if it seems too cheap you will get sales . . . BUT you will be leaving profits on your table. Yes . . . it a balancing act to get it right and then you need to test even your pricing as part of your marketing process.

9 Critical Questions YOU Need To Ask Yourself About YOUR Offer:

1. Does your product or service solve your customers problem?

2. Does your product or service provide exceptional value – will it over deliver?

3. Are your bonuses genuine?

4. Could your bonuses be sold, as a stand alone item – for the value you place on them? (No point putting a B.S. Value)

5. Do I have a bonus that’s so good . . . it’s actually the product. In other words is the bonus itself worth the entire investment by my customer or prospect?

6. Can you offer a YES or YES Offer? You would be familiar with seeing the Silver and Gold package or the Gold and
Platinum package type offers. Also known as an ‘A’ or ‘B’ offer.

7. When you offer an ‘A-B’ offer does your ‘B’ offer provide so much more value for no more than 50% of your ‘A’ offer? Is it such a no-brainer that 98% of people purchase your dearer offer?

Too many times I see the dearer offer priced way too high. Under NO circumstances make your ‘B’ offer anymore than 50% of your ‘A’ offer. No exceptions. No excuses. In other words if you offer your Gold package for $698 make your Platinum offer $997 with 2-3 times the value of your Gold offer. When you do this, you set off an emotion trigger with your customer.

8. Are you offering bonuses that are as useless as tits on a bull? Too many times I see people copy the snake oil selling scumbags out there who offer you ‘$40,000 worth of bonuses’ that aren’t worth a squirt grasshopper shit . . . and then wonder why they look stupid.

9. Do you have an unannounced bonus that you have left for your take-away close, usually put in as a P.S.?

Answer these 9 questions in brutal honesty and you will have created a powerful, irresistible offer.

In the next day or 2 . . . I will tell you a story of how I tweaked a sales letter for a client, doubled the sale price, made the bonus the real product and this is for an e-book product.

Until then . . .

Dedicated To Kicking YOUR Ass Until YOU Succeed!


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. Be a Winner – invest in www.MagicWordsSell.com now!

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