“Winners Do What Losers Are NOT Willing To Do”

I was listening to the radio today, when an old classic song came on – and the lyrics were so wrong. Here’s the lyric. ‘Everyone’s a winner baby that’s the truth’.

As I was bangin’ away on my laptop, listening to the words I said to myself . . . that’s pure B.S. I mean if we were all winners, we would all be like the Donald Trumps of this world. Within a matter of minutes after that song finished, I got an email which included some excerpts from Ted Nicholas’s next book – which has yet to be published.

One section was so profound – it smacked the song lyrics outa the ball park. I thought to myself, no wonder Ted’s sold over 7 Billion dollars in direct mail. You see, this is what really happens in life and it doesn’t matter what it is, business or sport – heck even in your personal life.

This is what Ted said: “Winners Do What Losers Are Unwilling To Do”

Did you read that – did you get it and if you didn’t get it . . . you need to. The cold hard facts are, it will not take you much. Take a world class athlete, are they ten times better than there closest rival? Truth is they are generally only 1-2% better but it’s those 1-2% increments, the fine tuning, that make them winners, world class in their chosen fields and that’s all due to doing what losers are unwilling to do.

I am going to focus on direct response copy and marketing because I want you to be prepared to do what losers are not. To be a much better marketer, all you need to do is master the details, set yourself a goal of improving the blueprint to your copywriting success by a paltry 2% because it’s those slight differences that will make your sales messages a winner.
Imagine if you can tweak all the components of your copy by just 2% . . . what will that do to your sales. When I created my copywriting blueprint and combined those 10 hours, of ‘how do you eat an elephant . . . one bite at a time’ copy formula with my direct marketing strategies I knew I had put together a package that required work yet gave the winners the edge over any competitors they wanted to compete with in any chosen niche or market.

The losers will continue to grab the next best thing since the invention of sliced bread – the magic pill that promises to make them a motza overnight – content to slam together crappy copy because they are too darn lazy, stubborn and ignorant to get off their asses and actually discover what it takes for them to make those 2% differences into their copy.

The winners will tweak their copy – using proven methods.

Over the next week, I am going to write articles about the various components so that the winners can do what the losers are not prepared to do.

Are you a winner – if so, watch out for my subject lines

“It Takes 2″

To get you started . . . here’s 1 thing that you need as a winner if you haven’t done so already.

Go to: http://www.MagicWordsSell.com

To help you out, and if you are one of the first 4 people to claim your package, I will give you the 2% increase by creating sizzling copy for one area of your sales copy – the one that you need doing urgently. Value priceless.

Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
To join the winners . . . go to:

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