It Takes 2 – “How To Profile YOUR Customers For Maximum Sales And Profits”

A few days ago I did an article on “Winners Do What Losers Are Unwilling To Do” highlighting the proven fact that all you need to do to be successful in your chosen field is to make 2% improvements in all areas of your marketing, which also includes your copy.

In my ‘It takes 2″ series of articles on sales copy – here’s your first article.

“Profiling Your Customer”

Firstly, it’s not okay to assume you know what your customers want unless you want to make an ass of yourself as well as leave cash on your table. You have to get inside the mind of your customer, otherwise how else will you ever be able to persuade, motivate and then sell your product or services to them?

You need to find out everything there is to know about your ultimate customer – so you can analyze them, understand them and connect with them. YOU need to discover every little detail about them and build the evidence like you were a part of the CSI Miami team . . . until you have profiled your customer and when you do this, you will maximize
your sales.

99.80% of you will not do this and that’s OKAY . . . DO NOT Complain though when you do not get the sales and profits you desire. Doing this critical step will lay your foundations for your success . . . ignoring it will make your sales copy weak and even though you may not want to choke on this one . . . that’s tough – because it will be your own fault and NO ONE else’s!

Here’s At Least 12 Compelling Questions YOU Need To Answer As You Begin To Profile Your Customers.


What Gives YOUR Customer Indigestion At Lunch Causing Their Esophagus To Feel Like It’s On Fire?


What Gives Them Insomnia At Night Causing Them To Lay Awake Staring At Their Ceiling For Hours?


What Gives Them Diarrohea In The Morning?


What are they afraid of or fear the most?


What makes them angry and who are they angry at?


Which 3 things cause them the most frustration each day?


Are their ANY trends occurring or likely to occur in their business or lives?


Do they secretly desire certain things more than others – if so, what are they?


Is their anything about the way they make decisions that could be seen as a built-in bias. Example: Architects = exceptionally analytical).


Do they speak ‘their own’ language? If they do and you can then weave their language into your copy – how powerful do you think this will be?


Who else is selling a similar product or service to them and how are they selling it?


Who else has tried selling them something similar and how or why did that effort fail?

As you begin to get inside your customers mind, as you peel it open with all the precision of a scalpel wielding brain surgeon . . . you WILL discover the answers to the Profiling Questions above.

Find out what types of magazines, trade journals, check online to see what ezines your customers subscribe to and sign up yourself, check forums, groups such as yahoo groups, boards and so on. With today’s technology there’s no excuse for you not to be able to collate as much detail as you can about your ideal customers.

I remember reading something Dan Kennedy wrote many years ago which went something like this -

“It is literally true that if you can describe it you can get it”

To build your profile – which then allows you to be able to describe your customer/s – you want to discover certain information such as:

Their age, sex, marital status, do they own their own home, what type of car do they drive, what are their purchasing habits, do they have credit cards and if so, what type, their income level, their occupation, what magazines do they subscribe to etc. etc.

When you have built such a profile about your customers, how valuable do you think that can be to you?

Here’s an example of a one on one mentoring session I had with a customer.

Now, we were discussing a leaflet drop that had been handed out which got a good response.

I asked what sex their customers were. He said, female. I then asked what % are female. He said 80%. I then asked what age group and he replied 45-55. So in just a matter of 60 seconds, I knew 80% of his paying customers were females aged between 45-55.
I wasn’t finished yet.
I then asked John, did he know the number one reason his customers went to him. He answered – Stress.

I asked him to not guess his answers, to find out for sure and get back to me. It turned out 90% of his customers (not 80%) were female, aged between 45-55 and there to overcome stress.

Now, this powerful knowledge was sitting in his head swimming around like a one legged duck swimming in circles with nowhere to go. None of this information was telegraphed in his headline or copy for that matter.

Imagine then running a headline that screamed out to that specific customer and then including the relevant information in his body copy too. These are the ones he knows generates 90% of his sales.

In another case, a customer was trying to sell a home study course and again they had not done any profiling of their customers. A few quick questions from me and I knew that close to 100% of their customers were women within a certain age and most of their previous customers were either a nurse or a school teacher.

Armed with this knowledge, their headlines should call out to nurses as well as teachers, aged between xx.

I instructed them to find out what trade type publications they would read and then place adverts in those publications – in the exact place their hungry crowd would see their advert. They could also then see what was available online in the way of forums, groups etc.

Can you see how powerful these types of questions and the impact they can have on your business. It’s time to stop that one legged duck swimming around inside of your head so you can target your real customers – not some figment of your imagination.

Winners Do What Losers Are NOT Willing To Do!

To get a kickstart – grab your copy of magic words sell if you haven’t done so already.

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Dedicated to kicking your ass until you succeed.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. What are you doing reading this – get profiling!
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