“Ted Nicholas and Elvis Presley”

You know that I truly do hope you are
getting as much traffic as you desire,
converting as many prospects into opt-ins
who then invest on your products or services
otherwise there’s no point really in being
in business either.

I remember back to when I started doing direct
mail many years ago, I was very lucky to have
grabbed the rights to Dan Kennedy’s products
which came with copy written by the man himself.

Not content with just sitting on my butt with
his proven letters, I spent months studying them,
pulling them apart, scratching my head, pulling
my hair out, getting frustrated . . . determined
I was going to discover how to reverse engineer
Dan’s copywriting process so that I could become
a copywriter.

I understood from what I had read, listened to,
and watched about copy from not just Dan, from Gary
Halbert, Claude Hopkins, Bob Bly and many other
highly regarded copywriters that this was, is
and always will be the one critical skill that
I need to succeed and YOU do to.

No exceptions. No excuses.

There was one legend though that really stood out.

The first time I ever heard of this man, was in
the Dan Kennedy products, where Dan interviewed
the one and only TED NICHOLAS. Dan was raving about
this guy and if it’s good enough for the brass balls
man to get excited then it’s good enough for me and you.

Being the stubborn man that I am, I did exactly
what I sat out in my mind to do, I make costly
mistakes along the way until I was able to understand
the process needed to get inside the minds of any
prospect I am writing copy for – either for myself
or my customers.

The point you need to be clear on is unless any aspect
of your copy is compelling and does everything in it’s
power to excite your prospects you are leaving money
on the table and for one reason only.


Yep . . . no other way to describe it.

I know you are not ignorant and that you want to get
the best out of any or all of these: Your sales message,
PPC’s, email copy, articles, press release, off-line
adverts, in fact any aspect that requires copy.

To get the best of of these, the best person in the
world to teach you is the living legend, the 7 billion
dollar man, Ted Nicholas.

Ted is holding a 3.5 day copywriting workshop, note
I didn’t say seminar, where you will leave the event
having written full blown sales copy yourself, being
taught by the grand master.


This is a one off, your only chance in this lifetime to
be personally taught by such a talented man.

Your chances of Ted ever doing his workshop again are
zero – you would have more chance of seeing Elvis live
on stage for one night only and you know that ain’t
gunna happen.

To read what Ted’s going to do, go to:



Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. ‘Right said Fred’ may be too sexy for his shirt . . .
‘well Right Said Ted’ is too sexy for poor sales and
he is about to sing up a storm on how to write yourself
a fortune. Go to:


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