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“Critter Man Stuns Himself After Using Outrageous Marketing Strategy . . . Exploding Profits More Than $100,000 In Less Than 30 Days”

A few weeks ago one of my customers decided to apply a marketing strategy that he discovered from me . . . which was so bold it required brass balls just to even mention it to his business partner and elephant sized balls to implement.

When Everte’s business partner finally picked himself up off the floor, he felt like reaching for an oxygen tank just so he could breathe normally. After getting his composure back and several swear words later, the decision was made – they were going to run with their crazy offer.

I was informed of what they had done last week. I laughed my ass off when Everte told me what he had done to get more referral business. Nothing gives me more pleasure when a smart business owner understands the secret to advertising, sales and marketing business success.

It was simple, yet extremely powerful and the sad part is, 99.87% of business owners are too shit scared to even try it because they fear failure.

The crazy offer, one that anyone from a small business to a huge corporation can apply and succeed in creating explosive business sales and profits . . . that’s if those bedwetters who run their institutional advertising and marketing areas gave a flying toss about results, pulled their heads out from where the sun don’t shine and actually realized those fancy, cutesy, crappy, logos – won’t make a dime, cause branding sucks harder than a happy hooker on a saturday night.

What they did was this. They decided to give away a new truck to the sub-contractor who gave them the most referral business between now and April 2007. In the first week they got enough new business to pay for the truck and both Everte and Alex were blown away with the immediate results.

Everte phoned me tonight – more excited than a 18 year boy who had just lost his virginity with his entire highschool cheerleading squad. Judging by what he said – they could now give away a handful of trucks and still be making a huge profit.

As for Alex, he’s dancing around and shaking his hips like he’s the Ricky Martin of Racoon Removers. He is simply stunned.

I asked Everte what the actual response has meant to their business from a profit aspect and he said – at least $100,000 in clear profit. I asked him if that was over the next year. No he said. That’s for the month!

I will have more accurate results in a day or 2 and I will share them with you.

So what your marketing lesson here?

You need to look outside the square of your business, see the wood for the tree, understand what makes YOUR customers tick and then come up with such an outrageous offer they are falling over themselves to throw money at you.

Fair enough?

Good. What I want you to do now is grab a notepad and pen, sit down in a quite corner and brainstorm your outrageous, crazy offer so that YOU can explode your sales and profits fast.

What they discovered from me was nothing new and I didn’t actually invent the kick butt marketing strategy. It was something that has been around for quite a while which means it’s worked for before, it works now and it will still work for many years to come.

The full details are available in – Trevor Crooks’ Judgement Day – The Ultimate Advertising and Marketing Business Tool Kit. Go to: for more details.

I dare you to come up with an offer so awesome . . . you give yourself heart palpitations at the very thought of it. When when you do that – I will guarantee you – that you have come up with a kick butt, killer marketing strategy for your business that can transform your business overnight.

I have given you the ball to serve an ace. You can either choose to act now and serve an ace or you can procrastinate and starve. The choice is yours.

Kick butt – create sizzling sales copy.

Trevor “Toe Cracker” Crook
PS. This is childs play. Are you ready to play yet? Go to:

“Man Proposes To His Girlfriend In Front of 80 Strangers Due To Magic Words”

The whole world makes decisions based on the words we use both verbally and written.

From small children to adults, choosing the right words can change our lives both personally and in business.

So why is it that one small word change or a few different words can have such a dramatic impact?

The answer is simple.

Choosing, then using the right words that hit the emotional buttons of the people you are communucating with, will get you everything you desire in life. That means in love, relationships with your family and loved ones, in business and financially.

Choosing the wrong words will also have an impact, a negative one that will bite you on your ass.  

Last weekend I was giving a presentation at a seminar on Persuasion Mastery which was in Dallas. Mr mega money himself, Jerry ‘DRHINO’ Clark, the promoter, had me speak last. The attendees were tired after 2 extensive days of pure brain overload content – and it was left to me to deliver a dynamite 90 minute session. 

To help the attendees overcome writers block, I asked them to write a letter, from their heart, to someone they love. They were instructed not to lift their pen from the paper until I said to. When the 2 minutes were up, I asked for a couple of volunteers to read out their letter.

Kathy was first. She wrote a beautiful letter to her daughter and then Anthony put his hand up. As I was on stage and he was sitting in the front row - I could see he only had 3 lines written in his 2 minutes and I wondered what the heck he was about to say.

He stood up, grabbed the microphone and then mention that everyone throught his girlfriend was his wife. He then turned towards her, tears streaming down his face, and looked deep into the eyes of Cass. I knew what was about to unfold. He then asked her to marry him in front of the entire audience.

Cass burst into tears and said yes. It was something so beautiful. Everyone stood up, they clapped, they cheered and it was truly a special moment for the happy couple as well as everyone else.

For me, it was priceless. Never in my wildest dreams, did I thing I could move a person to such an emotional state - through my own words. To trigger them to make a marriage proposal in front of a huge crowd of people is something that will stay in my heart forever.

Sure, Anthony loves Cass and she loves him and he had obvioulsy been thinking of proposing before then.  What triggered him to do it right at that time though?

That 2 minute writing excercise not only removes writer block, in teachs people how to pour out their feelings from within their heart and express them like they have never done before.

I want you to grab a notepad, a pen and write a letter to someone you love, without lifting your pen from your paper. It’s a good idea to grab a box of tissues to. You will be surprised how good you will feel once you have done this little life changing exercise.

Don’t worry about grammer etc. You can always fix those later.


Trevor ‘Toe Cracker’ Crook
PS. I will announce when the DVD of the entire persuasion presentation
and the marriage proposal will be available. It will change your life. 

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